Shopify, Wix and other user-Friendly Platforms to Build an eCommerce Website

So, you want to start selling your stuffs online, you know what kind of features you want your website to have, but you don’t know how to go about building a website that is the best for selling to your customer. This is where eCommerce platforms come in. They let you build an online store from scratch, sell your products, and they help you manage marketing tasks like sending email newsletters.


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Shopify is arguably the most popular ecommerce website builder. It is not just an ecommerce site builder but also an overall ecommerce management platform. You can host and purchase a domain directly on the platform.

Shopify allows you to set up a functional online store in a very short time thanks to the thousands of themes (free and paid) you can choose from. The platform works well even for first time users with out design or coding experience. You can add as many web pages as you want and there’s also a built-in blogging capability. Uploading products you want to sell is also easy. You can set categories, inventory stocks, product prices and more with ease.


Bigcommerce is another very good ecommerce website builder that lets you build an online store quickly and effortlessly. It works just like spotify and has thousands of customized themes to pick from. One unique thing about Bigcommerce is that it has a lot of features built into the platform that you won’t find on Shopify or other platforms. For instance, it has a tax set up that helps you calculate tax for each product at checkout. Bigcommerce costs $29 per month to use.


Wix is another platform that lets you build an ecommerce website without coding or graphics design experience. Like other platforms, they have a lot of templates to choose from to get you started. Wix is user friendly and has hundreds of plugins that can improve the quality and functionality of your website (user experience, SEO). To be able to accept payments on your online store beyond $300, you’ll need to have subscribed for the premium plan on Wix ($25 per month).

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Squarespace is another all-in-one solution for ecommerce website building. You can host and purchase a domain right on the platform, the templates are all designed to be user friendly. On Squarespace, you can change your template at anytime and won’t lose any content you’ve uploaded on the site. Payment options are limited though, customers can pay through PayPal and Stripe. Payment plan starts from $18.


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