Are you a University student in Kenya? Get Apple Music for just KES 250/Month

The prevalence of smartphones and the fall in data bundle prices have merged to enable such things that were once considered luxuries like Streaming of music and videos. Platforms like YouTube and Spotify have come to define their respective genres.

In Kenya, there is no shortage of streaming services; Netflix and Showmax; Safaricom’s Songa, Boomplayer and Deezer just to mention a few. Spotify, the world’s leading music streaming platform is missing from that list as it is not officially available in many African countries. Apple Music and Deezer are therefore the only other big dogs.

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Apple Music has been available in the country for a long time now. Even the discounted University Student Plan has been around for quite a while. I only recently tried it out and yes, it does work.

Apple uses third-party service, UNiDAYS, to verify students eligibility for the service.

How to claim your Apple Music University Student discount

You will need your University Student Email Address to access this. This should be something like [email protected]. Once you are able to log into the said email address, Head on to UNiDAYS and create your account. You will then have to verify the student email by clicking on a verification mail that will be sent to you.

Finish your sign up process by selecting your institution from the list of hundred of Kenyan colleges supported, indicate your year of study and course and that is it!!!

You will then be redirected to Apple Music where you can claim your 90 Days free trial or if you have already used yours, downgrade your plan to the Student plan from the Individual Plan.

Apple charges $4.99, $7.99 and $2.49 respectively for the individual, family and student subscriptions in Kenya (the rates are much higher in other countries) which means that for just about Kshs 250, students in Kenyan universities will be able to access tens of millions (over 30 million, actually) of songs from their smartphones.

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