Portrait mode and other features arrive on devices running Chrome OS

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Google is hoping to bolster your photography experience by adding portrait mode to Chromebooks and Chrome tablets. The feature comes with the Chrome OS 76 update and is already available on Google Pixel Slate. This is a bit unexpected considering most tablets and computers don’t really have a good camera on them. Because of this, most people don’t really take pictures with these set of devices but Google is hoping you actually do.

However, the feature is bound not to work on all of the Chrome OS devices as some just don’t have a good enough camera to make it work. In a way, portrait mode was made available on computers earlier this year when Skype introduced the feature during video calls. Portrait mode has come a long way from being common on iPhones to being featured on other smartphones and now tablets and computers.

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Another feature present is improved media control, where you can control audio from all apps playing it in the system menu. This way, you have all the controls you need in one place. In addition, you will now be able to manage all your Google Accounts on your Chromebook in the settings menu under Google Accounts.

Also, besides fixing functionality bugs and security gaps that might be on the system, the new update adds some accessibility perks to it. Having users with motor or dexterity challenges in mind, the new Chrome OS 76 features an accessibility setting called Automatic Clicks. With these turned on, you can click on an item just by hovering over it for a while. More so, you will now be able to right-click, double click, click and drag with your touchpad, connected mouse or even with head tracking.


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