Important Features you should consider while buying a Smartphone in Nigeria 2019

Smartphones now play a significant role in our day-to-day activities, so buying a very good one that’ll serve its purpose is something we should take seriously. But that can be difficult. With so many Smartphone brands flooding the Nigerian phone market with different smartphones and with different specs, it is very easy to end up purchasing a Smartphone that doesn’t serve your need or is below average.

In this article, we have listed important factors that will help you navigate and simplify the buying process.

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Battery life

Phone battery life is one very important feature you must consider when choosing a Smartphone. There’s a popular believe that Smartphones with higher mAh tend to last longer, while this is not far from the truth, there are other factors that determine how long a phone battery lasts.

A Smartphone that has a screen with higher resolution will definitely take up more energy, while the latest processors adopted by phone manufacturers improves battery life. 3000mAh looks like the standard for now, even though there are devices with higher mAh.

Great Processor

The Qualcomm snapdragon processor is very popular on most Smartphones you see around. Chances are that you’re reading this on a device using a Qualcomm processor. Qualcomm Snapdragon demonstrates as a processor that consumes less power than other processors. The latest version is the Snapdragon 855+. MediaTek Helio chipset is another very powerful processor you can consider while purchasing a Smartphone.

High Quality Full HD + Display

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A good Smartphone should come with a LED, super AMOLED or IPS touchscreen. It should also have 24-color depth. Also, a good screen resolution should start from 720 X 1280 pixels, you might want to put that into consideration.

4G Network

In a world where we’re already talking 5G Network, you still find a lot of people buying expensive devices that are 3G enabled when you can get cheaper Smartphones with 5G. while purchasing a Smartphone, make sure it is an LTE Android.

Internal Memory and Space

While deciding on the Smartphone to buy, it is advisable to choose at least 2GB of RAM and 16 or 32GB of internal storage. You also want to look at how much space the pre-installed apps occupy before you take a final decision. Although you can go for MicroSD cards to expand the storage capacity of your device, a Smartphone with a larger internal storage will work better.


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