Tecno Camon 17 Camera Review: The Best for Mobile Photography?

When the Tecno Camon 17 smartphone launched, one of the major selling points was the camera. The device boasts of a triple rear camera and a single selfie camera.

The manufacturers, throughout the launch, wooed the mobile photography segment of customers and positioned the Camon 17 as the newest, best entry for photographers. In this post, we want to determine if it is so.

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We will be reviewing the camera of this device and try to determine how good it will be to serve the purpose for which they have suggested. Let’s go.

Tecno Camon 17 Camera Specifications

Please find the specifications of the Camon 17 camera below:

Camon 17 Main Camera48 MP main sensor
QVGA depth shooter
Dedicated AI lens
Front Camera8MP punch-hole camera

Features of the Camera

Camon 17 camera

There are six main features that the camera allows you to enjoy.

  • Short video (15 seconds video recordings)
  • Video
  • AI CAM
  • Beauty mode
  • Portrait mode
  • Super Night mode

We’ll be taking a look at each of these features.

Short Video

This feature, as the name implies, lets you record short videos on your device. The video is automatically timed and stops recording once the timer gets to 15 seconds. This sort of feature is really useful when you prefer to prerecord videos for platforms that don’t let you upload content that exceeds a certain time limit.


The video feature lets you record video files for as long as possible. This does not have any time limit and uses either the rear camera to shoot or the selfie camera. Videos on the Camon 17 have great quality.

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We used the AI CAM feature on the smartphone’s camera to take the photos in the gallery below. As we pointed the camera to the object in the photo, it automatically recognised what object it was being pointed at. That is just one of the much lesser benefits of having an AI CAM as a camera feature. Confused about what an “AI Camera” is? We wrote a post about it HERE.

Beauty Mode

The Beauty mode helps the user capture a portrait and automatically adjust the photo to create a more visually pleasing photo. The photos in the gallery below were all captured using the Beauty mode in the Camon 17 camera. Now, tell me, are they visual appealing or not?

Portrait Mode

Portrait mode is quite popular with smartphones nowadays. In fact, it is more popular with iPhones. The Camon 17 camera comes with a portrait mode. And as every other, it laces a focus on the object in front of it and blurs the background. The photos below were taken in portrait mode. Notice the blurred background?

Night Mode

You can use the Night Mode when you’re in a low-light environment. This will brighten up the background. One good thing about the Camon 17 camera is that it automatically detects if you’re in a low-light environment and turns on night mode. The photos bellow were taken in night mode around 7:06pm. See how it doesn’t look like it?

The Verdict on Camon 17 Camera?

This camera provides mobile photographers with a number of features to capture people and moments. These features makes it very usable and provides options to help the users maximise the tool. The way we see it, the Camon 17 camera is really great and seem to be really useful to its users.


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