Top Deals to Look out for on Jumia Nigeria’s Black Friday

Jumia Nigeria Black Friday 2021

Jumia is arguably Nigeria’s biggest eCommerce platform and we always look forward to their yearly black Friday events because of the crazy discounts on goods that are normally beyond our budget. Just like last year’s edition that happened on 4 Fridays, this year’s edition will also happen on 4 different Fridays between the 8th and 29th of November 2019. This year’s edition would be awesome because customers will be offered deals up to 99% off on certain products. Products from different brands like Samsung smartphones and electronics, LG and HiSense electronics, Microsoft, Binatone, Nexus, Lika, HP, etc.

Jumia Nigeria Black Friday 2019: What You Should Know

This year’s edition is going to happen on four different Friday’s; 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th of November, and would start by 12 midnight on each Friday.

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Treasure Hunt

Just as the name suggests, it is a hunt for a particular product hidden somewhere on the website. These products are offered at 99% off their original price. For instance, a product worth ₦500,000 is on the treasure hunt list, whoever finds it would pay just 1% (₦5,000) of the original cost. This year, 14 items would be placed for treasure hunting every Friday.

Flash Sales

For Flash sales, you get mega deals of up to 70% off the original price of certain products. The way this works, products would be listed on the platform for a maximum of five minutes, after which they would be taken off. The fastest finger gets the product.

This year’s flash sales are divided into categories including Super hot flash sales (Fridays), Super hot flash sales (Monday – Thursday), and Superhot flash sales (Weekends).

Free delivery

You get free delivery on every item you purchase on Jumia during Black Friday. To qualify for free delivery, make sure you log in via the Jumia mobile app and check out with Jumia Pay as your preferred payment option. Also, this free delivery is only available in Lagos, Abuja, Abeokuta, and Ibadan.

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Jumia Nigeria Black Friday

Top Deals to Watch out for

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim – 1TB

Jumia Nigeria Black Friday

If you’re a game lover, you would like this deal. Normally, you wouldn’t even get a used PlayStation 4 for less than a hundred thousand naira. The Sony PlayStation 4 Slim-1TB originally costs ₦189,000 but Jumia is offering it at ₦89,000 – over 45% off.

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iPhone 11 64GB

Jumia Nigeria Black Friday

The iPhone 11 is still very new to the smartphone market. This smartphone comes with a dual camera, it is water-resistant and has a Liquid Retina HD display. This device would sell during the Jumia Black Friday for ₦249,990, as against its normal price of ₦300,000

Intel Hp 15 Notebook (4gb / 500gb)

Jumia Nigeria Black Friday

The HP Notebook originally sells for ₦112,900, but throughout the Black Friday period, it’ll sell for ₦90,000, 21% off the original price.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Jumia Nigeria Black Friday

The Samsung S9+ on Jumia originally costs ₦169,000 on Jumia Nigeria, but throughout the Black Friday period, it will sell for ₦129,990. You get to save ₦39,000.

Nokia 2.1 (1GB RAM / 8GB ROM)

Jumia Nigeria Black Friday

The deal for this device is a massive one. This device would be selling for ₦14,990, over 50% its original price of ₦30,000.

UKA 32-inch LED HD TV with 3 Years Warranty

Also selling for over 50% off its original price of ₦60,000, the TV would sell throughout the Black Friday period for ₦29,490.

Nexus 4 Burner Gas Cooker

For the black Friday period, the Nexus gas cooker will sell for ₦29,990 – over 50% off its original price of ₦55,000

Century Washing Machine 

This century washing machine is a Twin Tub 6KG Wash And 4.5kg Spin. It costs ₦36,200. But for the Black Friday period, it will sell for ₦26,900.

ItemOriginal Price Black Friday Price
Sony PlayStation 4 Slim-1TB₦189,000₦89,000
iPhone 11 64GB₦300,000₦249,990
Intel Hp 15 Notebook (4gb / 500gb)₦112,900₦90,000
Samsung Galaxy S9+ ₦169,000₦129,990
Nokia 2.1 (1GB RAM / 8GB ROM) ₦30,000₦14,990
UKA 32-inch LED HD TV with 3 Years Warranty ₦60,000₦29,490
Nexus 4 Burner Gas Cooker₦55,000₦29,990
Century Washing Machine ₦36,200₦26,900

To stand a chance of getting the best deals from the Jumia Black Friday event, the first thing you would need to do is to download their mobile application. Making purchases from the mobile application, and making payments via Jumia’s own payment gateway, gets you free delivery on every purchase you make during the Black Friday period.

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