Online Shopping Uganda: Supaprice wants to be your Ugandan one stop buying and selling destination

supaprice Uganda  is an online shopping store in Uganda that wants to be your one-stop shopping destination. They provide a platform for sellers to showcase their products and services and for buys to shop from an extensive list of sellers. The products range from Fashion items, electronics, household items, cars to property and real estate. The platform allows sellers to post free ads which then form the extensive list of sellers in the network. I am not sure if Supaprice takes a commission of each successful sale via it’s platform

The convenience of online shopping  is in the fact that all of this can be done in the comfort of your home with an internet enabled device. Julius Magala Superprice CEO says that;

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Our goal, is to provide you with a one stop shopping destination with an extensive product range, competitive prices, exceptional services including paying in installments – where applicable, door to door delivery and an easy and convenient platform to shop or market your products.

At a time when online shopping and internet businesses are blooming in Uganda, we hope to see a fully developed online shopping eco-system with online business bottlenecks removed.  Rocket internet has invested heavily in African internet startups like Hellofood, Lamudi, Kaymu, jumia, Jovago among others. These will potentially spark the growth and interest in online shopping on the continent. Countries like Nigeria have more developed eco-systems with a bigger majority of the population shopping online.

On a curious note, Supaprice Uganda is independent of yet they share a name. I am wondering if they took time to think about their branding. What this means that it’s going to be twice as hard to have an online presence as an internet startup since the UK Supaprice appears when you Google Supaprice. it goes without saying that all the Social media handles were taken as well.

The bigger concern at this point is whether startups like Supaprice can survive given the competition from Rocket Internet’s babies who raise millions of dollars in series A funding.