Lamudi Wants To Help You Find That House/Property Without Hustle


The Nightmare of finding a house to move into in Uganda/Kampala is one you don’t want to go through often. Many people are familiar with the individuals who call themselves “House Brokers”. These are mostly gentlemen who used to monopolize knowledge of where all houses and properties available were located. So what they used to do or still do is If you are looking for a house and you approach them, they will visit a couple of properties with you till you find one that you appreciate for you. When you’ve finally landed a house you want, they connect you to the landlord after which you pay them a commission for helping you find a house.

This commercial process was often frustrating and not very fruitful as finding what one appreciated was often difficult.

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As the internet became more liberal, we saw some modern brokers listing properties on facebook and some running websites listing properties but none has come close to Lamudi. Part of the Rocket Internet group, Lamudi is a property listings portal that allows people looking for properties to find or sell/rent their house, apartment, commercial property or land online.

Launched in Uganda in  October 2013 with a local domain.  Lamudi has grown to be Uganda’s largest online property portal giving you lots of property options to look at with the biggest listings in the country. After you select what you want from the numerous listings, you can then contact the seller via email or Mobile directly for Free. Lamudi currently operates in 21  countries around the world currently and still expanding.

One thing Lamudi  does differently as a platform is that it not only enables people to buy, rent or sell a private or commercial property, but it also offers real estate agents and property owners/providers a personalized webpage that guarantees them better online presence than they had before.

With little law to govern the ever growing real estate sector in Uganda, Lamudi comes to create a little bit of order in the Real Estate Business.

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