You can now load your Total Uganda Fuel card using Stanbic Bank agents

If there’s one thing you constantly have to do with your car other than driving it around is refueling. It can be tidious and expensive. And if you didn’t plan your finances well, you’ll find yourself running on empty. This is why fuel cards exist.

However, funding these fuel cards has been a problem. I have one from Total and another from Shell. With Total Fuel card, you walk into a Total petrol station with cash, then top up your card with the cash and then pay for fuel using the card! This doesn’t make sense at all. Why wouldn’t you just checkout with cash? This is why I stopped using my card weeks ago.

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Now Total has introduced another alternative way of Fueling their cards. You can now top-up using any Stanbic Bank agent of which there are 1,000 of them around the country. I have personally used banking agents quite a number of times especially for deposits. It might make sense to top-up the fuel cards via an agent, but how different is that from the Fuel attendants?

What could have made sense is direct transfer of funds from bank account or Mobile money to the Fuel card. Shell Fuel cards have that ability, but only via Mobile Money.

Total Fuel card is free to obtain, but you need to top up at least Ugx 50,000 to start with. Let us know in the comments below about your own experiences.


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