5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Dual-Display Smartphone

Dual-Display Smartphones

While some smartphone features are long gone, dead, and extinct, new ones equally keep popping up. OEMs are constantly upgrading their products with new amazing features. Fitting two screens on a smartphone is just one of the latest inventions.

Just like the name implies, it feels like having two independent phones in a combined manner to accommodate all your multitasking and many more.

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If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, here are some reasons why you should consider a dual-display smartphone.

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Dual-Display Smartphones

1. Easier Multitasking

This dual-screen on your smartphone can transform your phone into a laptop-style where you can perform your entire work-related task with ease and comfort. You can respond to an email while having a video call meeting at the same time. This screen also gives you loads of space to navigate in and out, make your schedule, set reminders, switch between messages at intervals, and lots more. It fulfills the purpose of mobile and work phone all in one.

2. Entertainment

For lovers of online entertainment streaming, this smartphone gives you the best viewing experience. You may as well watch your favorite movies on Netflix, football, YouTube videos, browse Reddit at the same time and decide which screen goes for which. The screen is wide enough for your viewing pleasure which makes it hard to resist.

3. Camera

With the drive for selfie images to boost social media engagements, the dual-screen smartphone gives you a nice setup to snap all the amazing selfies you want in a more convenient way using a more defined camera.  This is one major advantage of a dual-display smartphone that attracted a lot of buyers. With two screens and cameras attached to each of them, you can take high-resolution selfies with autofocus, unlike a single screen Smartphone.

4. Simply Unique

Dual-display smartphones are not the commonly owned kind of smartphones you get to see around. Having this kind of smartphone gives you a sense of uniqueness, makes you stand out as well as boosting your ego and prestige.

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It is no secret that the cost of purchasing these smartphones is on the high side, this creates an impression to others that the owner is expensive and elite. Additionally, the owner gets extra benefits of owning a foldable device which boosts confidence level and self-esteem largely.   

5. Cost-Effective

Having a dual-screen smartphone feels like having a backup screen. For a single screen smartphone, as soon as any glitch or fault is noticed it is immediately taken to the phone shop for repairs, while you may have to be without your smartphone for some days.

On the other hand, a dual-screen smartphone gives you an alternative. It reduces the burden of having a single screen to perform your entire task in a way that reduces the chances of the screen having a fault. That way you save resources and enjoy peace of mind.

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For now, dual-display smartphones still comes with a very high price tag. But if you can afford to get one, I think it is worth it. Having a dual-display smartphone gives you an edge – it’s like having two smartphones combined in one.


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