Orange Expo 2013 Is Here: Crazy Discounts, Latest Technological Trends, Free Internet And Yes — Fun!

The Orange Expo 2013 is here. Arguably one of most coveted [technological] events to flock to by mobile subscribers (Whether or not they are Orange subscribers) technology enthusiasts, internet users, exhibitors, marketers, developers among others.

Update:The Orange Expo 2013 will be held at the UMA Exhibition Hall, Lugogo in Kampala Uganda and will be running from 17th-20th October, 2013 between 9am-7pm. Follow the rest of the TechPost Orange Expo coverage here

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Started by Orange Uganda back in 2011, the event sets the agenda of the next big thing in the technology arena through glamourous experiential or hands-on demos of latest gizmos and  technologies — from feature phones, to smartphones, laptops and tablets. Solar charging systems, security systems and various “smart devices”. Since the TechPost started following the event, it has since become a must-attend Tech event among other events that we love to attend for the following reasons;

Get Crazy Discounts

Who doesn’t want a deal? If you’ve been vying for that smartphone or tablet, here’s your opportunity to upgrade your current device at a discounted price. Orange has what’s it calls the “Expo Special Offer” which is a standard 25% discount on selected devices and “Crazy Sale” discounts which gives you a 40% discount on selected devices between 10am -12pm and 3pm-5pm  everyday the expo.

The iPhone 5 (16GB) for instance that comes with 600MB data for one month, will be going for 1,799,000($708.81) crazy sale, 1,899,000($748.21) expo offer down  from 2,159,000($850.65)!

Come Network And Party

The Expo is your opportunity to network with industry players, The Orange team who are happy to answer your questions, Tech enthusiasts, App developers some of whom participated in the Orange Community Awards, Marketers, Investors and folks from the press(TechPost team will be camping there too). Come exchange ideas, scout great talent,  and perhaps meet your next business partner or investor.

Of course, work and no play makes David a dull boy! So, to ignite the party side of you, Orange has an awesome line up of artists to perform at selected times

Discover And Experience The Latest Trends In Technology

Probably the sole reason for attending the Expo for some of us is experiencing hands-on the latest trends in Technology. Last year, Orange touted NFC and 3D cinema which are somewhat conventional technologies this year(or at least are catching up). This year, we’re expecting the operator to wow us with its 4G network and all the supported devices. It’s partners like Samsung, Nokia and Huawei may be demoing their latest devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Round, The Nokia 925 and the Huawei Ascend P6.

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The Expo is your chance to experience the next big thing in Technology before it fully hits the mainstream market.

Expand Your Knowledge

Come and expand your knowledge on the latest technology that will help you be more productive at work, expand your business or just make your everyday life a little simpler and pleasant. Keeping tabs with technology can be a taunting challenging if you don’t have anyone to guide you on how to use that latest operating system, software or gadget. Having a knowledgeable person that has already experienced a certain technology can make your transition a little more easier.

Orange has some staff offering “internet classes” while its partners like Samsung, Acer, Huawei among others will be more than happy to show you how to use those gadgets that sometimes can prove to be intimidating at first.

Free Internet Access

There’s nothing as rare as free internet anywhere in Kampala, albeit Smile’s attempt to provide the same. However, this time, Orange will be offering free Wi-Fi to all event visitors. What you choose to do with it is entirely up to you. But perhaps, you could freely update all your Apps, upload those photos to the cloud, instagram your best-of-the-event or tweet your favorite moments of the Expo. If you’re not already an Orange subscriber, this is your chance to test the operator’s service before you can commit to boarding the Orange ship.

Are you going for the Orange Expo? Let us know in the comments what you’re looking forward to the most.

Editor’s Note: The TechPost is the official media partner for the Orange Expo 2013. We’re absolutely thrilled to provide full coverage of the event through blog entries, Social Media, mini device reviews, event highlights, product announcements and launches,  among other things. We’ll be glad to connect with you at our dedicated desk.


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  1. So it’s nice to be transparent about being “the official media partner”–presumably meaning paid–though it would be nice to see this at the top rather than the bottom.

    But if i was paying an official media partner, I’d sure like them to mention the location of my event…

    • Mike, thanks for pointing that out. We’re adding that right away, though the event banner on top of the site has the location of the event.

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