Top Uganda Home unlimited Internet 2020 edition

It’s 2020. There are more mobile Apps, streaming services, social networks and yes Cat Memes. The internet is bigger than ever and probably should your internet package.

The last time we did a comparison of unlimited internet in Uganda, it was four years ago. Vodafone which soon closed shop had the best package offering 2Mbps unlimited internet for UGX 149,900. Four years ago, 2Mbps was descent speed for internet but it probably would be considered quite slow today.

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Fast forward to today, the MB economy is still alive and well. Mobile telecos are still offering bundled internet in form of packetized MBs and GBs that expire when you have used up your bundle or when expiry date reaches. The MB economy has democratized internet to almost every mobile user throughout the country. Everyone can have a piece of the cake — it’s just your pocket which determines how much you can bite.

But now, some people are desperately looking past the MB economy. You can’t go so far with MBs when you want to use applications like Netflix, Youtube, Tidal, Online shopping, Video conferencing, remote work etc. TRUE Unlimited Internet is needed. That’s what we are here to figure out, but first, lets set the stage.

The different types of Internet Providers

In order NOT to compare Apples and Oranges, I’ll separate Internet Service Providers(ISP) into two broad categories; Mobile ISPs and Fixed-line Wired/Wireless ISPs.

Now Mobile ISPs are already familiar to most people. These are providers that use mobile data connectivity to supply internet. They use 3G/4G LTE as data pipes to mostly connect your Smartphone to the internet. However, they also have 3/4G LTE MiFis and Routers which take Simcards to hook you up to the net. As such they usually have nationwide coverage and their internet packages are normally “bundled”. The biggest dogs are MTN, Smile and Airtel Uganda.

Fixed-line Wired/Wireless ISPs are slightly unfamiliar to most people perhaps because they won’t require a Simcard or they have limited coverage? They use both Wired and Wireless means of connectivity for last-mile connectivity. Fiber is the most popular wired means and simultaneously the fastest means of delivering internet. Essentially the provider will pull Fiber cable from one of their main pipes to your home. Wireless options include Microwave. Here, an Antenna will be installed on your rooftop which is then connected to a WiFi router in your home akin to DStv Dish/Decode combo installations. No Simcards are needed. The big dogs here are Zuku, Roke telkom and Liquid Telcom.

Now with the Apples and Oranges clearly differentiated, lets dive in to what Fixed-line ISPs have in store for you.

Roke Unlimited Plus

Tthe ROKE Mega Plus is an Unlimited Internet package from Roke Telkom set at 5Mbps internet speeds. This package has a Fair Usage Policy(FUP) attached to it. Your internet will slow down to 1Mbps until the expiry date of the bundle once you clock 100GB worth of data. Roke says off peak hours (7pm to 7am) and weekdays aren’t counted on the FUP.

Roke is charging Ugx 250,000 per month for this. They have coverage across wider Kampala Metropolitan region including Ntinda, Nalya, Bugolobi, Najjera, Kira among others.

Note that you will have to pay one-time installation fee of Ugx 500,000 for the Wireless Antenna/Router combo we talked about. Sign up here.

Zuku Fiber

Zuku has almost too-good-to-be-true packages. They use Fiber connectivity to hook you up to the internet. Because of this, their coverage is severely limited to Kololo, Bukoto, Ntinda and Bugolobi areas only.

Their packages come in two forms; the so-called Tripple play package which combines internet along with TV and phone services and Business which only offers Internet. Their startup tier costs Ugx 149,900 per month for 10Mbps Unlimited High Speed Internet. It comes with 56+ TV channels, and a WiFi router. Installation is Free. No FUP policies.

If you are looking to have only Internet, then it costs Ugx 159,900 with their INFINITE 10 business package. Sign up here.

Liquid Telcom

Liquid Telcom isn’t known to be a player in the retail space. But it appears, the Telcom is now moving towards offering home internet to consumers. Just like Zuku, their offering is also too-good-to-be-true. Starting at 10Mbps unlimited internet at Ugx 120,000 per month, Liquid’s Offering is unbeatable. The connection is Wireless Microwave so their coverage is a lot wider than Zuku and most areas around Kampala are covered. Installation is currently Free just like Zuku.

Liquid telcom Uganda packages 2020

Now Liquid Telcom is a bit numb on marketing information about their retail internet. The information online is unclear and inconsistent with what we know on the ground. So your best option is giving them a call and speak with a sales person(they have a long waiting list).

In Summary, here are the top fixed-line unlimited internet packages in Uganda in 2020. Obviously the providers have other tiers and you are welcome to browse them on their respective websites.

Uganda Top Unlimited Home Internet Packages 2020
Roke TelkokmRoke Unlimited PlusMicrowave Ugx 500,000 5Mbps
1Mbps after 100GB
Ugx 250,000
ZukuTripple Play BasicFiberFree10MbpsUgx 149,900
Liquid TelcomBronze Fibroniks MicrowaveFree10MbpsUgx 119,000

Now Mobile ISPs also have “unlimited” internet but it has lots of caveats or FUP polices that are sometimes too complicated for ordinary users or even annoying to follow. We shall probably cover their packages in a separate post. However, their internet is usually a lot faster thanks to 4G LTE and most importantly they have much wider — usually countrywide — coverage which is great for consumers outside Kampala.

So there you have it; Top Truely Unlimited Home internet packages you can subscribe right now in 2020. If you know of any providers we could have missed, please let us know in the comments below.

Image: Liquid Telcom Microwave Antenna home unlimited internet connection

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