Are you web literate? Now you can know with the newly released Mozilla Web Literacy Standard

Doug Belshaw and Carla Casilli, along with a community of stakeholders, have been working on a specification of skills needed for web literacy which they announced at  at the Mozilla Festival.

According to the Webmaker website;

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The Web Literacy Standard: a map of the territory for the skills and competencies Mozilla and community think are important to get better at to more effectively read, write & participate on the Web.

The standard is perhaps designed to promote web competence with a set of guidelines and best practices that online users can follow or even use to teach those who are new to the web.

The Web Literacy Standard is made up of three strands: Exploring, Building and Connecting. In turn, each strand is made up of several competencies. For instance under Exploring, there’s navigation, web mechanics, search, credibility and security sub categories. Each competency is comprised of a number of skills.

So what can you do with it in practice?

  • Issue Open Badges that align with it (using the ‘alignment’ metadata field)
  • Tag stuff with headings from the competency grid
  • Write curricula influenced by it.

The document is still a work in progress and like other Mozilla projects, collaboration and volunteer work is required. Hence, Doug requests that if you know other languages, please do help with the localisation work for this and other parts of Webmaker.


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