Gmail Inbox tabs and category labels Rolled out

Gmail De-cluttered - Inbox tabs and category labels

In a bid to de-clutter and have a more organized Emails, Google started rolling out the new Interface. This works just as the labels work. However, it is much easier to move through from one tab to another and the emails are much better filtered. The default tabs include;

This contains Messages from friends and family, as well as any other messages that don’t appear in other tabs (including SPAM which may have passed their enhanced filter).

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This contains your deals, offers, and other promotional emails.

Now, this is a great innovation. Most of us were already getting nagged my finding our inboxes with notifications from our Facebook (mostly) and twitter. Well, this tab has now got your back covered. Messages from social networks, media-sharing sites, online dating services, gaming platforms, and other social websites are found here.

This tab contains Notifications such as confirmations, receipts, bills, and statements.

This tab contains Messages from online groups, discussion boards, and mailing lists.

When you receive an email, you see a notification against the respective category showing how many new Mails are unread.
Whether you use tabs or not, all messages are automatically sorted into one of the five different categories.
For more details, watch this video