6 surprising social media fails of 2013

Many have named 2013 as the “year of social media!”

Whereas tweeting or facebooking  that update may be dead simple, the repercussions of  a social media fail may be immensely negative.

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On social media controversy sells like hot cake. In fact, a controversial story will make  rounds across the internetz before  the truth gets its boots on.

Here, are the caricatures, tweets  and  pictures I found  most treacherous!

Apparently this was a fake  interview from  a parody new site. However, the news had already made  rounds before  the  celebrated rapper could clear the  air.

AlShabab Westgate mall tweet

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2. The tweet dated 19th July unveiled the master plan by AlShabaab –through  their  official  Twitter account (currently suspended)– to exterminate kaffirs in the September 21st attack on Westgate mall two months later. The  social media savvy police was blamed for having allowed  such a warning culminate into a blood bath.



NokiaNZ tweet3. Nokia has  covertly jibed it’s  competitor’s via twitter  with  provocative but rather colloquial statements. But this one  from Nokia New Zealand was in a different form altogether.



@bmuluu mtn social media fail

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4. An estranged twitter user @bmuluu posted a screenshot of two confusing and contradictory messages from MTN  Uganda.




Paris Hilton tweet

5. @DeletedTweets  capitalized  on Paris  Hilton’s blonde reputation to pull through a  blonde tweet  confusing  fallen Nelson  Mandela for Martin Luther King  Jr.

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6. Just  another tweet from Jay Rooney


7 minutes later…

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