Keep Chrome browser RAM usage in check with The Great Suspender extension

Chrome browser is notoriously known for being a greedy memory hog. If you tend to open less than 5 tabs, then your computer will breath. But if you are like me who tends to keep at least 10 tabs open at any time for some reason, then you want to install “The great suspender” chrome extension to keep the browser in check.

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The Great suspender is a life-saver if you really can’t help closing your precious Chrome tabs. The Extension will as the name suggests suspends idle open tabs, temporarily stopping all the processes running in that tab. This freezes up a lot memory and CPU cycles being consumed by that tab.

Open tabs can be configured to be suspended after given period of time. The default is 1 hour. You can also set the extension to never suspend pinned tabs, tabs with unsaved form inputs, tabs playing audio/video such as Youtube/Spotify, active tabs in each window.

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You can also specify URLs or domains you don’t wish the extension to ever suspend.

To unsuspend a tab, you simply just refresh or click to reload. However, you can also automatically unsuspend tab when it is viewed via an option in the settings.

The Great suspender is really light-weight, it’s regularly updated and you can install it from the Chrome webstore.

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