MPOW 059 Review: The Budget Over-Ear Headphones You Should Buy

MPOW 059 headphones

You probably might have seen the Bob Marley quote “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Admirably, the recipe for enjoying good music to the cool kids has always been a pair of a good headset. Well, the MPOW 059 overhead headphones can be a great starter pack for you while studying, traveling or keeping you productive at work.

Let’s dig in and see if the over-ear head gadget is worth the social investment.

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Backup Wire ConnectionNo Noise Cancellation
Excellent Battery LifeNo Multiple Device Support
Good Audio

MPOW 059 Full Specs

Bluetooth version: 4.1

Working range: 10 meters(33ft)

Music/Talk time: 15 to 20 hours

Playback on MP3: about 16 hrs

Charging time: 4 hours

Charging voltage: 5v/>1000mA

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Who’s the MPOW 059 For?

  • Everyday listeners who want a headphone with decent sound quality with calls/music controls.
  • Commuters looking for noise-canceling alternative headphones at a budget.
  • Not ideal for gamers but suitable for online classes and corporates in the work environment.

Design and Features 

  • MPOW 059
  • MPOW 059
  • MPOW 059

Out of the box, the paddings around the headband and the speakers wouldn’t go unnoticed. The MPOW-059 has a common foldable design. The design is reinforced with a metal frame but the plastic coating over the headband and ear cups feels susceptible to breaking under intense stress. Another point to note is the fingerprints stick to it with ease and this is again due to the plastic coating around the whole headsets.

The microphone only works in the wireless mode. I got an opportunity to use the MPOW 059 on a call and the reception has been positive: clear sound output and no need to repeat myself due to connectivity. 

What’s It Like Using the MPOW 059? 

One of the few important things with any Bluetooth-enabled device is to test the Bluetooth connectivity speed and performance. Unsurprisingly, the MPOW-059 flourish in this department. I had no trouble with paring my devices with the headphones, the only trickery I noticed is you have to long-press the power button for about 3-4 secs after powering on before the Bluetooth name (MPOW-059) appear among your available devices when searching.

Another minor point to put across is the headphone doesn’t have multiple device support. In other words, you only get to connect one device at a time. A few people actually care about that functionality but it’s an upcoming trend with Bluetooth headphones so it’s worth a bonus if your device has such a feature. 

One hiccup I faced was with the operating range; the 10m range they have at the back of the box wasn’t convincing. I can comfortably use it in the next room in my house but a few feet out of the front door and the music playing starts to disintegrate.

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The battery performance was another segment I’m hugely impressed with. From getting the headphone on Tuesday up to Friday, I haven’t plug in the charger and this could be partly to the fact I mostly switch to the 3.5mm headphone cable option. But the battery life has been outstanding so far and MPOW promises up to 15-20 hours music/talk time from a 4-hour charging time out of the box.  

In terms of sound quality, this was again matured and solid. The absence of active noise cancellation (ANC) has never been an issue since the MPOW passive noise isolation has done an amazing job to help me ignore the nearby noise. I also play music at a high volume, so I probably won’t hear what my neighbor would be saying anyway.

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Tips and Trickery 

  1. When pairing, long press for 3-4 secs after powering on until you see the blue and red blinking lights.
  2. Double-click the pause button to answer calls.
  3. The Bluetooth will automatically disconnect when you plug in the 3.5mm headphone cable.

Should You Buy the MPOW 059?

From our experience using the audio accessory, we definitely recommend it to anyone looking to purchase headphones on a budget. The MPOW 059 is one of the best available headphones within the same price bracket with superior sound quality and all the needed features. With the outset of the pandemic, remote communication (virtual calls and meetings) has become the norm. The MPOW 059 over-the-ear headphone comes in handy to make life easy.

Price and Where To Buy

These MPOW 059 are available on for $33.

If you live in Uganda, our premium online store, Odukar has got you covered with one at 195,000UGX (Same day delivery around Kampala) 


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