Samsung Watch 3 vs Apple Watch 5: Specs Comparison

Samsung Watch 3 Vs Apple Watch 5

The Galaxy Watch series has a new member, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. We compared its specifications and features vs the one of its competitors in the market — the Apple watch 5. Whereas they have similar features, the execution of these features is different in both watches.

The Apple Watch 5 has been around since September 20, 2019, while the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 was released on August 6, 2020. Let us now get into the detailed comparison looking at the compatibility, design, battery and so much more.

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The Galaxy Watch 3 looks more like an Analog watch. It is round and has watch arms similar to analog watches. It is made of stainless steel and has a rotating bezel which is aimed at making navigation of the user interface easier. It comes in two sizes, either 41mm or 45mm. It has a super AMOLED display and its watch face is customizable to your outfit.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Apple Watch 5, on the other hand, is rectangular and comes with an aluminium frame and a digital crown on the side to control the user interface. It’s no different from the typical Apple Watch design. It comes in two sizes, 40mm or 44mm and compared to the Galaxy Watch 3, it has a larger OLED display screen.

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch 5


The Galaxy Watch 3 uses TizenOS that is compatible with all the Galaxy phones, and most of the other Android and iOS devices. Apple Watch 5 uses WatchOS that is compatible only with iPhones. The Galaxy Watch 3 is therefore supported by many devices and compared to Apple Watch 5.

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Both watches come with Electrocardiogram (ECG) support meaning that you can check your heart rate using your watch. However, the Galaxy Watch 3 comes with the ability to measure the blood pressure and track the blood oxygen saturation in your body which is not available on the Apple Watch 5.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Apple Watch 5
Samsung Watch 3 vs Apple Watch 5

The Apple Watch 5 does not support sleep tracking which was modified and improved in the Galaxy Watch 3. The sleep tracker now comes with a sleep score for every night and tips to improve your sleeping. The Galaxy Watch 3 allows you to sync a workout video from the Galaxy Health app to track and control from your wrist which isn’t available natively with the Apple Watch 5.

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Battery Life

The Apple Watch 5 has a 296 mAh battery which, according to Apple, can last a full day or two if you disable the always-on feature. On the other hand, the Galaxy Watch 3 comes with a larger 340 mAh battery is rated to last for about two days of normal use.


Both watches come with 1GB RAM although they differ in internal storage with the Apple Watch 5 coming with 32 GB non-expandable internal memory while the Galaxy Watch 3 comes with 8 GB internal memory which is not expandable as well.

Samsung Watch 3 Vs Apple Watch 5 Summary

 Apple Watch 5Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
Display Size40mm or 44mm41mm or 45mm
Screen FeaturesPressure-sensitive, Scratch-resistant glass, Ambient light sensorScratch-resistant glass, Ambient light sensor
Operating SystemWatch OSTizen OS
Internal storage32GB, not expandable8GB, not expandable
Battery296 mAh340 mAh

From the difference enlisted on this article, which of the duo would you spend your money on?


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