The best Smart TV deals: Hisense End of Year Sale 2020

Hisense End of Year Sale

I can say this with a fair bit of certainty; there’s no other TV brand in Uganda that has seized the market as Hisense has over the last few years. Hisense has upstaged more premium offering by the likes of Samsung, LG, and Sony which are industry heavyweights. Thanks to some smart pricing strategies, aggressive campaigns and end of year sales like this one, Hisense has managed to slowly edge out the competition.

Hisense’s end of year sale this time around has a few surprises. Running from 18th to 22nd December, SOPs have to be followed due to the outbreak of Covid 19. Other than Hisense, the shop has stocked Changhong, Huawei and Smartec products you can snap up.

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The TV brands comprise Hisense at the forefront with Changhong and Smartec in a supporting role. The discounts range between 20~40% for screens from 100 inches to 24 inches. There’s also a variety, including 4K variants, FHD and HD and also Android TVs (with Chromecast built-in) in the mix. Hisense also has it’s slick in-house OS called Vidaa for the non-Android screens.

Let’s have a look at the offerings.

Hisense End of Year Sale 2020

ProductActual PriceDiscount Price
100" Hisense 4K Smart Laser TV25,000,00017,500,000
65" Hisense 4K Smart UHD TV6,500,0003,750,000
55" Hisense 4K Smart Lite TV3,300,0001,999,999
50" Hisense 4K VIDAA Smart TV 2,300,0001,650,000
49" Hisense FHD Android Smart TV1,800,0001,450,000
43" Hisense FHD Android Smart TV1,400,0001,049,999
43" Hisense FHD LED Smart TV1,200,000849,999
40" Hisense FHD Android Smart TV1,150,000899,999
32" Hisense HD Android Smart TV950,000599,999
65" Changhong 4K Android Smart TV3,800,0003,299,999
55" Changhong 4K Android Smart TV2,400,0001,799,999
50" Changhong 4K Android Smart TV1,800,0001,499,999
43" Changhong FHD Android Smart TV1,200,0001,049,999
40" Changhong FHD Android Smart TV1,100,000829,999
40" Changhong HD Smart TV900,000749,999
32" Changhong HD Android Smart TV730,000525,000
24" Changhong HD Android Smart TV395,000
32" AC-DC LED TV650,000499,999
24" AC-DC LED TV500,000395,000

Where to buy Hisense Smart Tvs

Find the discounts on the Hisense End of Year sale 2020 at their Showrooms in Bugolobi, Forest Mall Lugogo, Oasis Mall, Jinja Road and Kabalagala. The promotion will run from th4e 18th to the 22nd of December 2020.

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