Twitter’s New Design Now Available For All

Amidst a lot of mixed reactions, the wait is over and  the Twitter Redesign roll out is on making the  new design now available for all. This was announced yesterday on the Twitter blog and of course on Twitter’s channel.

Looking at the redesign, everything is pretty much the same till you click on the “Me” icon that reveals a whole new world.The header contains to the extreme left the “Home”, “Notifications”, “Discover” and “Me” icons  and to the extreme right we have the “Tweet”, “Settings”, “Direct Messages”, and “Search” icons

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The “Home” Icon shows your picture, Followers, those you follow, the number of tweets you have made and space to make a quick tweet. Below that Twitter suggests tweeps to follow and also what is trending. The Main area is your timeline showing tweets of those you follow.

The “Me” icon reveals the Facebook like design with a large cover picture, Your profile picture, Your Twitter Profile, When you joined and the number of photos and videos you have uploaded since joining. Below the Header is your number of tweets made since joining, the number of people you follow, and those following you, favorites and more with the “Edit Profile icon to the extreme left. To the left is the “Who To Follow” and “Trends” tabs

Even though its looking more like Facebook, there are some new features that some people will like or  find useful like the :Best Tweets, “Pinned tweets” and “Filtered Tweets” feature. How do you like the new redesign? have you tried it yet? Lets us know in the comments.

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