Nation Media partners with Gadgets Africa for the region’s first consumer tech expo; Vifaa Tech Festival

vifaa tech festival

The tech scene advances really really fast and forms the backbone of most innovations in numerous other fields like Governance, Healthcare, Engineering, Entertainment, and so on. However, the mainstream media seems to only focus on the global tech leaders while emerging markets like Africa are seemingly forgotten about.

It is, perhaps, in recognition of this that Kenyan tech publication, Gadgets Africa and the Nation Media Group have partnered to bring is the Vifaa Tech Festival, an expo that will allow consumers and brands to connect, showcase and usher in future technologies in the region.

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The festival’s aim is to offer a platform that should then spark conversations around issues such as consumer technologies beyond gadgets, while showcasing flagship products, and technology that can then be useful to millions of Africans.

“Consumer technology and electronics brands are celebrated, criticized, and appreciated in the US, SE Asia, and EU. One of the key motives of launching Gadgets Africa was to empower the Kenyan consumer in making informed decisions in buying electronics. Today, we’re moving a step further and joining us is Nation Media Group in launching Africa’s very own consumer technology launchpad forum.”

Rishabh Lawania, CEO of Wee Media Africa.

The two-day virtual festival will take place on June 11th and 12th and will bring together industry stakeholders and consumers onto one platform. The expo will include product showcases from several consumer brands operating in Kenya and will address subjects such as:

  • Geo-restriction of content and services,
  • Unsolicited texts and data protection,
  • E-Sports and mobile gaming in Kenya,
  • 5G and the future of home connectivity,
  • TV vs Streaming,
  • Influencers and the new wave of digital marketing,
  • The work from home era and the tech that enables it and
  • The future of mobile money and digital payments in Africa.

The festival will also include a Consumer Awards segment that will showcase and run polls on various selected categories, all aimed at shining a light on brands and products that users in Kenya find appealing.

The Categories for the Consumer awards in the upcoming Vifaa Tech Festival are as follows:

  • Best TV in Kenya
  • Must-have mobile accessory
  • Best DSLR Camera
  • Coolest home appliance in Kenya
  • App of the year
  • People’s choice electronics store
  • Most reliable home internet provider
  • Best mobile data package

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  • Best budget laptop
  • Best laptop brand in Kenya
  • Best entry-level smartphone
  • Best budget smartphone
  • Best mid-range smartphone
  • Best flagship smartphone
  • Best battery-life on a phone

The consumer award polls are already running and you can cast you vote by visiting

It is initiatives like these that go to build the local tech scene to levels we see in other countries and as tech continues to trickle down to even the lower-end segment of the market, conversations like these help users to make the most out of the tech that’s available to them while also showcasing what the future has in store.

To take part in this Vifaa Tech Festival, you are encouraged to book a slot through


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