Complete List of Paid Subscription Services on MTN Uganda

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There is no one who hasn’t been affected by the pandemic and it is about time we need each more than ever. When it comes to good vibes, music and movies go hand in hand and MTN Uganda has a list of paid subscription services that can get you through the lockdown.

Today we are going to look at the list of all paid services available on MTN Uganda and how you can subscribe to them to enjoy or support the local creatives and industry. Let’s get started;

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Here are a list of all paid services available on MTN Uganda;

  1. Music streaming platform Tidal.
  2. Locally focused Movie catalog and Live TV with YoTV app.
  3. Tik Tok bundles.
  4. AFYA PAP bundles.
  5. PAY TV (StarTimes and DSTV Bundles) bundles.

How to Subscribe for Tidal with MTN Mobile Money in Uganda?

TIDAL needs no introduction if you are a music fan and based in Uganda. Since its launch in 2018, TIDAL has allowed users to get access to music with high sound quality, high-quality music videos, and expertly curated editorial.

Users can stream TIDAL Music from both smart mobile devices smartphones, tablets, desktops, and smart TVs. Tidal is available for download on all popular app stores, from Google Play Store to iOS App Store.

The biggest perks with buying TIDAL subscription using MTN MoMo is you can choose an option to pay for both streaming data and subscription in one package and it’s quite affordable.

Here is how you can subscribe to TIDAl using MTN MoMo in Uganda;

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Step One: Dail *165*66#

Step Two: Choose option 1 to get a Free Trial for 30 days or Choose to buy a Subscription of your choice using option 2.

Step Three: You will receive 2 messages, one with your TIDAL Logins and another with a link to the Appstore or PlayStore

Step Four: Download and Install the TIDAL app from the APp store and log in with your username and password to enjoy quality music for a month.

How to Pay for YoTV Bundles?

YoTV Channels is a platform for our local content. Pearlwood is a great example that the local movie industry can be global and that Uganda is a great entertainment market for the rest of the world. 

MTN launch a dedicated Kibanda Xpress to help people pay for or buy Ugandans movies and TV series.

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To watch a movie on Kibanda Express, follow these steps:

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Step One: Download and install the YoTV app from Playstore for Android devices and Appstore for iPhones.

Step Two: Subscribe and login to the YoTV app, select VOD.

Step Three: Browse and select the movie of your choice then follow prompts to complete payment.

How to Pay for Tik Tok Bundles?

TikTok is a video-based social media that has blown up and its user base is continually growing across the continent. MTN Uganda has a dedicated subscriptions plan to help customers create and share fun videos with their friends and followers.

Here is how you can pay for TikTok bundles in Uganda from MTN;

Step One: Dial *150*1*1*1#

Step Two: Select option one for a daily TikTok bundles worth UGX250 for 15MBs.

Step Three: Choose to pay airtime or mobile money.

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Health at your Finger Tip with AFYA App

MTN Uganda partnered with Baobab Circle Limited, a London-based health technology company to provide a health application named “Afya Pap” to its customers.

Through the Afya Pap mobile App, MTN customers will have access to remote monitoring of their vitals, health, diet, and exercise information that helps reduce or delay the development of health complications.

The App is powered by artificial intelligence for personalized diabetes, hypertension, vitals tracking, meal planning, and physical exercise planning.

Customers can download the Afya Pap mobile App from the Google Play store and register to use it.

All new users of the App will be given a 14-day FREE trial inclusive of data.

Upon expiry of the FREE trial, customers can then buy a subscription using MTN MoMo within the Afya Pap App.

The available subscription plan is 30 days at UGX4,000, inclusive of the data for using the App.

How to Pay for TV Bundles on MTN Uganda

MTN Uganda offer Ugandans options to pay for TV streaming bundles on both StarTimes and DSTV. The data is capped to be used on both company’s streaming app i.e. StarTimes App and DSTV Now mobile app from Multichoice.

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Here is how you can pay for TV bundles subscription on MTN Uganda;

For DSTV Now MTN bundles, Dial *165*82# and select option 1 to buy for self and option 2 to buy for another phone number.

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To buy StarTimes bundles, customers can dial *165*4*7#, select option 1 for StarTimes bundles. Choose to buy for your own number or another and select from the available options for the data packages. Enter your mobile money PIN to check out the transaction and enjoy.

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What I don’t like about the Pay Tv bundles is the fact that there are only two options to choose from and the minimum package expires after 2 hours. Daily packages would make much more sense than a 4-hour bundle but hey that is a rant for another day.

Let us know in the comment section the subscription service you are currently using from MTN Uganda and what can be improved to make the user experience better.


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