How to Reduce PDF File Size for Free

Reduce PDF size

PDFs are one of the most common types of document format and they are demanded as the format of choice for the submission of documents for online portals and official use. However, there are sometimes stipulations about the maximum size of the PDF file you can use for different purposes and this makes it impossible to use some PDF document based off its size. However, you can easily reduce the size of the said PDF by compressing it and there are different ways to do this whether it is on your Android phone, iPhone or laptop.

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On Android, Windows, MacOS and iPhone

You can reduce your PDF from any device with an internet connection by visiting adobe online PDF compressor. Click select file to pick the PDF you’d like to compress.

Choose the extent to which you’d want the PDF size to be reduced but remember the higher the compression the lesser the quality.

Wait for a few seconds for the file to be compressed and then click download to get your compressed PDF.

On MacOS Only

For Mac users, you can reduce the size of your PDF offline by just opening it with Preview. Once you’ve done that, click on File in the menu bar and then Export.

Choose the location where you want the file to be, select PDF as the format you want and to reduce the PDF size click on Qualtz Filter and select Reduce File Size and hit Save.

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There are other online platforms you can utilize like and that you can reduce your PDF file on. These platforms are somewhat similar to Adobe’s own and is free to use as well. Also, you can download apps solely for this purpose on your phone or laptop. You can’t actually specify the size you want to reduce your PDF document to, but you can only choose the degree to which it will be compressed abeilt at the expense of quality.


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