Addmaya’s Top 5 Irresistible Commercials You Must Watch

Addmaya is a Ugandan Film, TV and Design firm specializing in Brand Identity, Promos, Commercials, Documentaries and Graphics Design across different media platforms. They have over the years built a strong portfolio of satisfied clients while pushing the boundaries in marketing communications and design. They recently celebrated their 5th year in business and we had an interview with them in which we uncovered an incredibly inspiring story of one of Uganda’s most successful startups. Here we show you 5 of their must watch commercials/Ads/Documentaries in the 5 years they have been around.

1. The Monitor Publications; 20 Years of Truth – 2012

To help Monitor publications mark it’s 20th anniversary, Addmaya produced a commercial that captures the paper’s stand on truth while still celebrating Uganda’s iconic structures.
The commercial, is a journey through Kampala City wrapped in Daily Monitor’s iconic headlines and achievements over the last two decades. Beneath the epic visuals, is an Afro-Fusion soundtrack that paces and holds a viewer’s attention.
Concept, Previs, 3D Modelling, Animation, Texturing, lighting, Compositing, Mastering: Addmaya Motion Pictures
Score/Soundtrack: Allan Waswa
Sound Mixing: Addmaya Motion Pictures

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Bank of Africa Mobile Wallet; 2014

As a way to win back their customers from the ever growing mobile money craze, Bank Of Africa has introduced a mobile banking service that is equally convenient and arguably more efficient. To get it to the public, they needed to make a bold statement that they were stilll major players in the game and thus approached Addmaya to come up with something new and bold.
Addmaya ended up helping them create an extremely wacky and probably the most dynamic (half phone half wallet) 2D character mascot that the Ugandan market has ever seen. The Ad features our wacky character going through the drills of trying to explain all the different features of the service…one of which is the ability to carry out ATM cardless withdrawals. Now how cool is that…

Pace Profam; 2012

We were approached by PACE to tell the story of ProFam’s social enterprising model and how it has made contraceptives affordable and accessible to low income families.
The story traces the roots of large families in early Uganda and the challenges women faced raising children on tight budgets. It highlights the impact of ProFam’s clinic-network model on families and communities and how its shaping the development of Uganda. The story was submitted as part of the PSI annual convention competition in Washington, DC; where over 58 countries submitted stories highlighting the impact of their work.
The ProFam story emerged best, walking away with Gold and marking Addmaya’s first major recognition.
Credits: Concept, Character design, 2D Animation, Matte painting, Compositing: Addmaya Motion Pictures
Voice: First Love Studios

Watoto – The Church; 2011

The Church is a project that was led by James and Stephanie Skinner of Fakeleft and Solange Nolan, the International Marketing Director at Watoto . In the early days of brainstorming, we knew that this was by far one of the most challenging yet exciting projects. With less than two months to the Watoto Cape Town launch and a storyboard that required shooting in over 20 different locations across Uganda and in South Africa, we so set ourselves up for a roller coaster ride.
The whole project was shot and edited in 2K by a team of five people and we had a sound engineer Allan Waswa come in to compose the score and edit the sound. Traveling to Cape Town, South Africa with the photographer James Sekajja, was the highlight for us.
The brief the team had was to produce a short 3min video and an extended 8min version that defined the church as God intended it.

Orange – 21Mbps High Speed Internet; 2012

To reaffirm its position as Uganda’s leading internet provider, Orange approached Addmaya to portray the blistering fast internet speeds of it’s new 21Mbps Modem through a fast & furious TV spot.
The spot taps into Addmaya’s visual effects arsenal to deliver edge-of-your-seat high speed sequences from a super car, to an F1 car and then a supersonic jet.
Client: Orange Uganda
Agency: MAAD
Voice Recording: First Love Studios
Sound Mixing & Mastering: C19 studios
3D Modeling, Animation, Lighting & Compositing – Addmaya Motion Pictures

To see more of their work visit their Vimeo Channel

Image: Addmaya

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  1. I’m so proud of you guys, the “Mayans”. And I’m grateful for the role you played in shaping my career 🙂

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