Voyance Lets You Interprete Business Data With Machine Learning


Voyance is a machine learning, data science platform that helps businesses make proper sense out of large chunks of data. The platform uses artificial intelligence to help predict, from historical data, various information that is very relevant to business growth.

Data science is an increasing area of interest for many businesses. This is especially true for those businesses that recognize the importance of maximizing insights from available data.

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A common feature of businesses —both big and small— is the relative amount of customer data they possess. Sometimes, these data as they are, might not make any sense to the business owners unless there’s a tool to help dig into it and bring out the gems. Voyance wants to fill this current void.

Simply, Voyance is a full-service data science platform that plugs in your business data and enables you to make sense out of it.

How Exactly Does Voyance Work?

Omni Platform on Voyance

Omni Platform is a tool on Voyance that helps you build machine learning models and also visualize data in just 3 clicks. And this would be done without writing a single line of code.

See a Demo of Omni Platform below:

Basically, it eliminates the “writing code” aspect of data science. While still giving you as good results, insights, and predictions. Think of it like, Wix, but for data science.

The benefit of this is that it saves time and resources for data scientists and businesses respectively. Data scientists do not have to write code to build machine learning models, and businesses now have to spend fewer resources to invest in this.

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What Can You Do With Omni Platform?

These are examples or instances where Voyance’s Omni Platform could come in handy as a data science tool.

voyance loan
  1. Can predict customer churn for your business. Knowing this information helps you plug the places where customers might be churning from. (Retention rate is always a great info for business owners to have).
  2. Can predict business revenue to help prepare or be ready for what the financial future might look like.
  3. Omni Platform can predict route optimization. That is, help you determine the most cost-efficient route. Hence, save you a ton of money.
  4. Can give a sales forecast. Thereby, helping business owners and financial analyst have an idea of what to expect.

Omni Platform can predict anything, basically. All users need to do is bring in your historical data and, predict away!

Who Should Use Voyance?

The following people might find the Voyance platform quite useful.

  1. Data Scientists.
  2. Business Owners.
  3. Data Analysts.
  4. Financial Analysts.
  5. Growth Marketers.

…or anyone who needs to make sense of their data.

The company was founded by Abdulhamid Hassan, who previously, founded OyaPay. A company that he shut down as a result of family-tied investor dispute. After OyaPay, Abdulhamid went on to join Paystack as a product manager, and now, founded Voyance.

Voyance is currently in limited Beta and is accepting companies, developers and people with shared excitement about data science. Want to see what they’re building and test out the platform? Request access HERE.


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