How to replace your broken Samsung smartphone screen for FREE

It happens when your phone slips out of your pocket or bag and hits the hard floor. Yes! at least it occurred to one of our Editors who owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Her phone screen broke and she needed a cool UGX 700,000 ( about $280) to replace it. Isn’t that the price of a great new mid-rage Samsung or high-end Tecno device? It is and I wouldn’t pay that much for a screen replacement!

I also know you have probably seen the Nokia Ad that suggested that Nokias would instead break the floor while the other smartphone screens –specifically iPhones — would break! Clever Ad, but lets not kid ourselves. Smartphones screens are fragile irrespective of the brand. Now you might try to use protective gear like smartphone covers and casings, but what do you do in the event that your Samsung smartphone screen breaks?

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It turns out that Samsung has of recent taken the vulnerability of its own devices seriously and listened to the frustrations of its customers. Now the device vendor is giving free screen replacement for broken Galaxy devices. Not just one, but two! Isn’t that great?

However, this free screen replacement isn’t for every device. Samsung Uganda is giving replacement for Galaxy S4, S5 and the Note 3.

Samsung has this ADH (Accidental Damage from Handling) 24 month warranty added into the existing Samsung 24-month standard factory warranty on the GALAXY S4 S5 and Note3 that will protect your Device from accidental damage during normal use. ADH covers;

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  • 1 Screen repair and 1 liquid damage repair OR
  • 2 Screen repairs OR
  • 2 Liquid damage repairs

As you can tell, if you have any other models other than the S4/5 and Note3, you’re on your own. You have to pay for screen replacements from one of phone repairing service providers in town.




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2 thoughts on “How to replace your broken Samsung smartphone screen for FREE

  1. About a year or more ago, the hype was flexible less brittle screens for phones (especially phones that could be converted to tablets when opened and when ‘folded’ are normal sized phones – am yet to see one). Whatever happened to those screens?
    Having a warranty is great but why dont deal with the real cause? Maybe plastic screens

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