Centenary Bank Cente Card Now allows you to Buy Groceries, Pay Hospital Bills and Buy Hardware Supplies


As the banking sector grows, Many banks are continuing to Innovate new products to retain their customers and also to keep a lead in an industry that is getting more competitive by the day. With Mobile Money disrupting conventional banking, banks have to innovate faster and smarter to avoid losing market share.

Centenary Bank for a couple of months has had a product they are calling “Cente Card” its nothing new — its the ordinary Centenary Bank ATM that any customer receives upon request. What is different though is that Centenary Bank has invested in Point of Sales (POS) machines that they have placed at major supermarkets, hardware shops and hospitals. With these machines, Centenary Bank customers can comfortably Swipe their Cente Cards at selected Supermarkets, Hospitals and hardware Shops to purchase goods and services.

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This is something that any other bank would have done except they were unwilling to invest in the POS machines probably because they didn’t see the viability. If Centenary continues to increase the number of Merchant points at which their customers can swipe their cards, this will create convenience reducing the need to carry physical cash.

The Cente Card allows for Payment of goods and services at POS terminals like supermarkets and petrol stations. The customer can also withdrawal cash and view account balances from POS terminals. For a merchant to register, they would need a Bank account, an operational business, a valid trading licence, a suitable premise that is secure and has power and availability of personnel to be trained to use the POS terminal.

Below are the different places where you can swipe your Cente Card.

Super Markets:
Sanjor Supermarket, Seeta Buto Road
Sanjor Supermarket, Seeta, Kampala Road
Save Supermarket, Busega
Sombe Supermarket, Mukono
Jenma Shopping Centre, Namugongo
T&T Supermarket, Najjanakumbi-Salama RD
T&T SSupermarket, Kulekana Stage Makindye
Quality Supermarket-Naalya
Quality Supermarket-Lubowa
Quality Supermarket -Ntinda
Quality Supermarket -Martin Rd, Old Kampala
Devine Supermarket 1, Nansana
Devine Supermarket 2, Nansana
Mwebale Supermarket, Kireka
Kabu Supermarket, Kyaliwajjala
Kenjoy Supermarket Najja 1, Najjanakumbi
Kenjoy Supermarket Najja 2, Najjanakumbi
Kenjoy Supermarket Mengo, OPP Mengo Hospital
Kenjoy Supermarket Bukoto,
Charity Uganda LTD, Gulu
Charity Uganda LTD, Kitgum

Hardware Stores:
Covenant Hardware LTD, Natete
Masaba Enterprises LTD, Natete
Mparo Hills Trading Co, Nakasero
Mparo Hills Trading Co, Gayaza

Rubaga Hospital, Rubaga

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One thought on “Centenary Bank Cente Card Now allows you to Buy Groceries, Pay Hospital Bills and Buy Hardware Supplies

  1. This is great, am impressed. More stores and banks should adopt this. Walking around with cash is not so safe these days.
    I recently learnt about square https://squareup.com/ where you can use your phone as a POS, it shouldn’t be impossible to have this work with our mobile money structure as we slowly embrace the plastic money

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