Wyze Scale X is a feature-packed Smart scale at $34

Our homes are getting more and more useful electronics and aside from the wearables, there are a few other gadgets that you can use to help you get in shape and lead a more healthy lifestyle.

Wyze has announced the Wyze Scale X, a smart scale that helps you keep track of your weight, heart rate, and several other body composition metrics and more. This smart scale retailing for $33.99 on the Wyze online store joins two other Wyze scale models — the Wyze Scale and Wyze Scale S.

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The Wyze Scale X features a new design built around a tempered glass top with ITO electrode coating which Wyze says gives a more accurate measurement of body composition metrics. This smart scale also features a longer-lasting battery. Wyze claims the battery can go for upto 22 months.

The Wyze Scale X comes with some of the familiar features found in the other two models including 13 detailed insights into your body composition. That includes not just your weight, but also muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Body Fat, Basal Metabolic rate, Heart rate, Protein Level, Visceral fat, Body water, and Lean Body Mass, Metabolic Age, and of course the BMI. All these metrics are available on the Wyze App and can be tracked over time.

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This scale also features pregnancy mode which, according to Wyze, turns off all electric currents used to measure body composition as an added safety measure. The Wyze Scale X data can be synced with several popular fitness apps including Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit. You can also share your data with upto 8 other people.

The Wyze Scale X is available in two color options, Black and White. It goes for $33.99 on the Wyze website. Be on the lookout for listings and deals on other platforms.

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