How to Request a Debit, Credit, and Virtual Card on Your Access Bank App

Did you know that you could request for any card type on your Access Bank app? Lately, the reasons for visiting an Access Bank branch have significantly reduced especially with the Access More app redesign. And one of the many features of this new app is that you can request any type of card online. In fact, you can even create a gift card and share it with your loved ones on the Access More app. Just ensure you have them saved as a beneficiary.

This self-service feature also offers the option of a pickup from your preferred branch and a home delivery if you’d want to completely avoid visiting the banking hall. In this article, we’ll show you a step-by-step process on how to request for any card type on the Access Bank app. Keep reading to find out more.

How to Request For Access Bank Debit Cards

  • Log in to your Access More app
  • On the navigation panel at the bottom of your screen, tap ‘Menu’
  • From the display tap on ‘Cheques & Cards’
  • Next, tap on ‘Debit Card’
  • On the display screen, tap on ‘Request New Card’
  • Confirm that it’s the right account and tap on ‘Proceed’
  • Choose the card product you’d prefer e.g Master, Verve, and Visa card. Once you select an option you’d see the issuing fee and annual charge
  • Next choose between branch pick up or home delivery
  • For branch pickup, select a branch from the list of pickup locations provided
  • For Home delivery, fill out the form provided. Unfortunately, home delivery is only available in Lagos State.
  • Do note that your identity will be verified on delivery so make sure you have a valid means of identification on you. 
  • Once you’ve completed your delivery or pickup settings, tap on ‘Request Card’ and enter your transaction pin.

You’ll get a confirmation display image and email. For pickups, you’d get a pickup date. Ensure you take your confirmation email and ID card with you to the branch. 

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How to Request For Access Bank Credit Cards

  • Tap on ‘Credit Card’ and on the display screen tap on ‘Request New Card’
  • Select a pickup location from the branches available
  • Enter the amount you’d want to request and tap on ‘Request Card’

Do note that the amount you can request has to be the maximum amount you’re eligible for. At the time of this post, credit card issuing is temporarily disabled on the app.

For Virtual Cards

  • Tap on ‘Credit Card’ and on the display screen tap on ‘Request New Card’
  • Under the card type, select ‘Virtual Cards’
  • You can choose any type of card design you’d prefer
  • Give your card an Alias, enter the initial amount you’d want to generate for this card, and tap on ‘Get Issuance Fee’
  • Confirm the amount and Generate your card by entering your transaction pin. 

Do note that you can only generate VISA virtual cards on the Access Bank App. At the time of this post, virtual card issuing is temporarily disabled on the app. 

We hope that this article has been useful. Let us know how easy it was to request for an access bank card in the comments below. Do share with your friends and family members who use the Access Bank App.


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