Ampion VentureBus wants to breathe life into Startups in just 5 days — on a road trip

Ampion VentureBus
Ampion VentureBus, a non-profit developer and designer entity is bringing together thinkers and innovators alike from all over the world to birth ideas into startups.
On the road, aboard the bus, change makers will transform from idea to a beta application in just 5 days!
As tacitly put by Migisha Boyd through an email thread:
Picture this: You get on a bus, drive around East Africa, while you develop, refine, polish, and implement an idea you or your group have come up with. By the time the trips is done, you have added to your list friends, skills, and opportunities!
According to Ventureburn, StartupBus Africa last year saw a bus packed full of engineers, designers, media and creatives tour through the Southern part of the continent, from Harare, Zimbabwe to Cape Town, South Africa. Out of the 40 people who joined the trip, eight startups were born. This year, the bus is back under a new brand which will focus more on emerging markets — Ampion Venture Bus Africa, and has decided to go big!
Last year saw edtech startup, anti-corruption app Bribed and employment platform Workforce emerge as victors in the pitch competition that crowned the hackathon cum road trip.

This year for the first time, the VentureBus is coming to East Africa. This expedition will commence on 11th October lasting for a week traversing through 4 East African countries.

Notably, the bus trip will start in West Africa, East Africa, then back to West Africa,  Southern Africa and finally North Africa

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Check out the details below for more comprehensive information about the trip:

1. West Africa 1 (20. Sep 2014 – 25. Sep 2014)

Ivory Coast –> Ghana –> Togo –> Benin –> Nigeria. The bus trip is ending in Lagos at DEMO Africa ‘the launchpad for emerging technology and trends’.

2. East Africa (11. Oct 2014 – 17. Oct 2014)

Tanzania –> Kenya –> Uganda –> Rwanda

3. West Africa 2 (27. Oct – 01. Nov 2014)

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Nigeria –> Benin –> Togo –> Ghana –> Ivory Coast

4. Southern Africa (07. Nov – 13. Nov 2014)

Zimbabwe –> Botswana –> Namibia –> South Africa. The Southern bus will end in Cape Town at AfricaCom, Southern Africa’s biggest digital conference.

Fill out the application form to participate in the VentureBus from here.

Image | Ampion VentureBus


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