How to Reset your Huawei Band 7

huawei band 7

From time to time, your tech products might start behaving funny for whatever reason. Maybe they are no longer working as effectively as they probably should, or maybe you just want to start from a clean slate, and this necessitates a factory restore.

The Huawei Band 7 is a new wearable fitness tracker from the Chinese tech giant and it offers minor improvements over its predecessor, the Huawei Band 6. Should you be in a situation where you need to reset your fitness tracker, here is a quick procedure on how to do so.

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For this, you will need your watch, and have it have enough juice so don’t do this if you’re getting a low-battery notification.

On your Huawei Band 7, follow these simple steps

  • Swipe from the top to and select Settings
  • Scroll and select System & Updates
  • Select Reset
  • Confirm that you’re sure you want to reset

With that, your Huawei Band 7 should be reset and reboot onto a clean slate. And that is how to reset your Huawei Band 7.

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