4 reasons why Orange Uganda Internet is still the best – Do You Agree?

Orange Uganda is reassuring their clients that they are still the number one Internet Service Provider(ISP) in Uganda amidst fears that things will not be as good after the  Africell takeover. Many Orange Customers fear that internet in Kampala will become horrible if Orange Uganda closed shop. These fears are because Orange had established itself as the go-to choice in the Ugandan Internet sphere giving an unrivaled service since 2009.

In their new campaign, Orange is fronting 4 major reasons in re-assuring customers that they are still the best ISP and these are; Great Customer Care, Most Affordable internet Bundles, Faster Speeds and Widest Coverage. This has also been supported by multiple awards from  KACITA Awards and UCC which in its latest Quality of Service Performance Report affirmed that Orange services are still are still the best.

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Here’s why we think Orange deserves your consideration as an Internet service provider of choice.

Fast and reliable internet services

There’s no denying the fact that slow internet is very frustrating. Truth be told all the 3 Telecoms have relatively fast internet that can enable you to work and browse the Internet comfortably.

However, Orange’s wide 3G, 3G+ nation coverage and 4G LTE in select areas gives the Internet provider an edge over the competition. Depending on your location, internet device or phone, you can get maximum speeds of 21Mbps, 42Mbps and 100Mbps on the Orange network.

Affordable Internet Bundles

We consistently check on who has the best deals on Internet. All 3 have different data bundles broken down into daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and even Annual Bundles. When it comes to Data Tariffs, all the three Telecoms structure their tariffs differently so one would need to employ other parameters other than just cost to determine “Most Affordable”. You can personally check out the tariffs of Orange, Airtel and MTN to decide for yourself.

Orange likes to give you more for less. Lets look at the 10GB package per month for instance. Airtel charges 150K,  Smile Uganda 145K, MTN Uganda 125K while  Orange Uganda charges 125K. Lets not forget the Orange Happy hour promo that gives you 1GB for only UGX 2,500 valid from midnight to 6AM or 1GB for UGX 5000 valid for one hour any time of the day.

Wide Network Coverage

Orange has been on a nation-wide network expansion spree since it opened shop in 2008. The network claims to have the widest coverage of 3G network in Uganda. If the network coverage map is anything to go by, Orange has the entire Uganda covered with the exception of Moroto areas in the north eastern parts of the coverage.

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Their 4G LTE network is currently widely available in Kampala and select parts of Jinja and Gulu in over 30 areas.

Great Customer Care

This is the interesting one, If anything has kept me on Orange, its the customer care. When I call, they pick up quickly and actually resolve my issue .Even the Uganda communication Commission (UCC) Agrees with me when you look at their latest Quality of Service Report.

Calling other network Customer Support is the next most frustrating thing to slow internet. They will hardly pick and when they do, they may not solve your problem. We understand that they are dealing with huge number of customers  but its not an excuse since they can afford to set up a more effective call center.

With Google’s Project Link, soon enough all ISPs will have access to High Speed internet at an affordable rates. This means that the end users like you and me will in turn access affordable Internet from almost anywhere in the country. Since all ISPs will have access to High speed Internet, the only differentiating factor will be customer care. This means that whoever has the best Customer Care will beat the rest.

Orange does present a good choice as a competitive ISP of choice. Its fast and reliable internet supported on a wide range of internet devices and phones, affordable data plans and unmatched customer care places it as the market leader in data services in Uganda. Give them a shot.

***Full Disclosure: Orange Uganda is a client of Dignited

Image: Addmaya

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