Google launches Project Link: A new way to bring faster, more reliable Internet access to Uganda

Google project link

Just when the local carriers are hiking data their data rates, global search giant Google has stepped in with an even more ambitious idea — Project Link — that will bring faster, more reliable internet to the residents of Kampala city in Uganda.

Announced yesterday on its Google Africa blog, project Link is ;

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an initiative to build a super-fast, high-capacity fiber network to enable any local mobile operator or Internet service provider (ISP) to connect more people in Kampala to a faster, more reliable Internet.

Project Link’s network is available starting yesterday to connect providers to long-distance fiber lines, equipping them with near-unlimited capacity to build and expand services to Ugandans. With this high-speed data pipe, Google hopes to achieve its sole ambition which is to connect more people to the internet.

According to the blog, Project Link goes beyond basic access; it enables local providers to offer new mobile data plans or high-speed Internet for office buildings and universities, and support newer technologies as they come to market. For Kampala, Google hopes it’s project is a foundation to support the needs of a new crop of entrepreneurs and innovators: the media-rich projects of a successful musician, fast connections for local hospitals, or new digital learning tools for students.

Project Link leapfrogs project Loon which is Google’s other idea to connecting rural, remote, and underserved areas using (surprise) Balloons flying around the globe on the stratospheric winds, providing Internet access to the earth below.

Image: Google Project Link

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4 thoughts on “Google launches Project Link: A new way to bring faster, more reliable Internet access to Uganda

  1. Hope, Google will help in regulating the pricing otherwise as far as I know local mobile operators or ISPs they will either maintain the high costs or make a very insignificant reduction.
    Otherwise this is a great project and am just looking forward to its success.

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