iSpace is a unique environment where technology startups can start up faster. We nurture a local network of like-minded and focused tech entrepreneurs, providing space for them to work, meet, collaborate, learn and have fun. By getting the right people together in a physical space, good things happen.

iSpace is an expansion of a successful initiative that offers product-oriented technology start-ups with a dedicated co-working space, community gathering point and network for driving entrepreneurial success. iSpace is a non-profit organisation and funded by membership fees and sponsor partners.

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Our goal is to promote and support entrepreneurs and innovators in Ghana building new technologies for global markets.

Providing business startups and entrepreneurs a space with good internet connectivity, resources, connections and training needed in developing products or services, iSpace is currently the only innovational hub were tech stakeholders and creative industries stakeholders can meet and exchange ideas.

Here is a list of the services we provide:

  1. Office Space Rental
  2. Virtual Office Facilities
  3. Event Space Rental for product launch, training and technology related activities.
  4. Meeting Room Rental
  5. Consulting services to clients (e.g., multinational corporations, non- governmental organizations, local businesses, start-ups or government ministries) for the provision of technical outsourcing (software and application development services), testing and certification or business intelligence.
  6. Development Training

We  work with training partners, who specialize in training, providing instruction in business skills and mobile services development.

*This is a curation of all Tech Hubs In Africa by Dignited.

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Twitter: iSpaceGh




Email: [email protected]


Location: Accra - Ghana