Manda Mobile Uganda: 5 Things You Need to Know About the New Telecom Company

The telecom industry in Uganda is one of the most competitive, with Airtel and MTN Group dominating almost the entire consumer market. But that’s not stopping new players from entering the market. Manda Mobile is a new telecommunications company that has entered the Ugandan market as an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator).

We have compiled this list of 5 things you need to know about Manda Mobile in Uganda before you join them as a customer. Let’s look at them shall we?

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1. What is Manda Mobile?

Manda is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator(MVNO) powered by MTN Uganda. This basically means that they operate on the networks of other mobile operators.

Traditional broadcasters and telecommunication businesses rely on licensed spectrum. This is purchased from the UCC but MVNOs rely on the infrastructure and networks of an established telecom company to deliver their service.

Manda is a new service that gives customers a differentiated experience by focusing on data as a means to an end. Manda is focused on data and provides a personalized experience for each customer. It is the first fully digital service that is designed to provide an enhanced customer experience.

2. Where Can I buy Manda Mobile Sim Cards?

A Manda SIM card costs UGX 5,000 and must be purchased from an authorized Manda agent with your original national ID. You can get an Manda agent across the country in Manda branded shops and kiosks.

3. Manda Sim Card Prefix

Please note that Manda sim cards have the same prefix as the MTN Uganda prefix. These are the 077xxx, 078xxx, 031xxx, and 039xxx. A new Manda sim card comes with free MBs, free minutes, and UGX 500 for MTN Mobile Money. The interesting thing to me is that you can use your Manda sim cards to effectively do all mobile money transactions.

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4. Manda Voice and Data Plans

Here are the bundles you can buy when you have the Manda sim cards.

  1. 300MB + Free calls to Manda Mobile lines at 1000UGX
  2. 10 minutes and 10 Free SMS to any mobile network at 1000UGX
  3. 2GB weekly data at 5000UGX

5. How to Recharge your Manda Sim Card

You can recharge your sim card either through the Manda mobile app which is currently available on iOS app store for now or daily *146# on your MTN number and recharge your Manda sim cards with data.

Have you seen the Manda outlet or shop near your neighbourhood? Share with us in the comment section and tell us your thoughts about this new Telecom Company.


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