List of phones you can buy from Airtel Uganda and their prices

Airtel Uganda

Are you looking to acquaint yourself with a new smartphone and Airtel Uganda SIM card but only wish to cover it up with in a single round? The list to choose from might be wide and rather complicated to comprehend that you may have to move from store to store making comparisons. Well, you can count on us to avail you with all the help you need to go over it, without a hustle.

We have outlined for you the full list of phones that you can buy from Airtel Uganda, and the price tags attached to each. It would be up to you to find out the Airtel outlet nearest to you, to be able to access the device.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 at UGX. 3,200,000
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8+ at UGX. 3,600,000
  3. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at UGX. 2,250,000
  4. Samsung Galaxy S7 at UGX. 2,285,000
  5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge at UGX. 1,850,000
  6. Samsung Galaxy S6 at UGX. 1,900,000
  7. Samsung Galaxy Tab T555 at UGX. 999,000
  8. Samsung Galaxy J7 at UGX. 920,000
  9. Samsung J1 Ace at UGX. 375,000


  1. Iphone 7 Plus at UGX. 3,100,000
  2. Iphone 7 at UGX. 2,700,000
  3. Iphone 6S at UGX. 2,250,000
  4. Iphone SE at UGX. 2,200,000

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  1. Huawei Mate 7 at UGX. 1,549,000
  2. Huawei Mate S at UGX. 1,500,000
  3. Huawei P8 at UGX. 1,200,000
  4. Huawei Y6 Pro at UGX. 590,000
  5. Huawei Y3 LTE at UGX. 320,000


  1. LG G4 at UGX. 2,099,000
  2. LG G3 at UGX. 1,749,000


  1. Sony Z2 at UGX. 1,449,000


  1. Tecno Phantom 6 Plus at UGX. 1,070,000
  2. Tecno DroiPad at UGX. 535,000
  3. Tecno W5 Lite at UGX. 355,000
  4. Tecno Pad 7C at UGX. 353,000
  5. Tecno WX3 at UGX. 350,000
  6. Tecno W3 at UGX. 255,000
  7. Tecno Y2 at UGX. 166,000


  1. ZTE Blade L6 at UGX. 399,000

You can get all these devices from any available Airtel Uganda outlet as mentioned here.


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