MTN Uganda Gets New Extension 0760: Here Are Other Codes

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MTN Uganda has added 0760 to its existing family of number ranges that include 077, 078 common for personal use, 031, and 039 highly customary for businesses.

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) granted the range to MTN allowing MTN customers to now acquire numbers with 076 prefixes.

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“We are now issuing new customers on the MTN network mobile numbers with the prefix range starting from 0760000000 to 0760999999,” MTN Chief Marketing Officer, Somdev Sen revealed, adding “The New number range of 0760 is at the moment available to prepaid customers to connect to all our services just like we currently have on all our other number ranges.”

MTN MyPakaPaka
MTN Uganda’s CMO Somdev Sen

The key to note is that this development will have no effect on already existing numbers that can continue operating as they have.

“The existing prefixes and number ranges are not being phased out in any way and customers can continue to use their numbers normally,” Somdev emphasized.

However, MTN has stopped selling 077 and 078 ranges as those are no longer available on the network which speaks to the telecom’s growing subscriber base. 

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Somdev however explained that customers can still get the old number ranges subject to their availability due to recycling.

Phone number recycling is the reintroduction of a deactivated/disconnected number into the pool of available numbers eligible for assignment to a new customer. This happens when the previous owner of the numbers has not used their line for any activity for more than six months and has not formally notified MTN of their intention and interest to keep that number.

To acquire a new number within the new 0760 range, customers can visit the nearest MTN Shop or Duuka with their national ID and buy a new SIM card at the usual cost of UGX2000.

The new prefix range means only one thing. New customers are joining and they have used up the previous range that took them all this while. Let us know if you are an MTN customer and planning on getting this new MTN 0760 prefix.


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