Here is How to Get Started With ChatGPT

OpenAI’s prototype of a dialogue-focused artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT. The chatbot is a complex language model that has been fine-tuned using both reinforcement and supervised learning methods. Currently, it is in beta mode; so expect things to break but regardless let’s try it out!

The AI chatbot is trained on text from books, articles, and websites that have been “cleaned” and structured in a process called supervised learning. ChatGPT can write code, make up songs, and compose limericks and haiku.

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The current version of ChatGPT can do the following;

  • Text completion
  • Generate and edit text
  • Code completion
  • Generate, edit, and explain code
  • Image generation
  • Generate and edit images
  • Fine-tuning
  • Train a model for your use case
  • Embeddings
  • Search, classify, and compare text

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To try out ChatGPT

  • Head over to the official Open AI website or is actually faster)
  • Click on the Get started button
  • Sign up; You can use Google
  • Enter your details
  • Choose your account type
  • Let’s start with Text Completion from the available options on the welcome page
  • Now scroll to Generation under Text Completion
  • Select Playground. You will see a notice “Looking for ChatGPT?”. Click on try it out.
  • This will open a new tab with the chatbox
  • Start typing commands, searches, or anything and hit the Submit button
  • Enjoy ChatGPT


You can save the entire conversation, you can also share it with your friends. The bot, which is currently available for free, is able to respond to homework questions with writing that is remarkably natural and well-referenced. Academics have a lot to worry about, including the pressure to publish, underpay, and too much work.


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