Here is How to Create a WhatsApp Poll in a Group


Because it has so many features, WhatsApp is used for both personal and business purposes. Typically, the messaging app releases new updates to expand its capabilities. The inclusion of polls and options for voting is one of these updates that dropped in last year. We shall learn how to create a poll in your favorite WhatsApp group.

A great way to learn what the majority of people think is through surveys. In the past, WhatsApp groups did not have a direct voting option. Those who required one asked members to respond separately or sent links from third parties.

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How to create a WhatsApp poll in your group

Without further ado; here is how to have one poll on your favorite WhatsApp group.

  • Open your WhatsApp App
  • For Android, click on the paper clip or attachment icon in a WhatsApp group next to the text box.
  • For iOS: Click on the plus icon next to the chat box.
  • Select the “Poll” option.
  • In the upper box, type the question or reason for conducting a poll.
  • Below the first box, you will find Option 1. Click on it and add the first option.
  • Add the rest of the options you want to have
  • You can hold, drag & release the three bars icons to move an option.
  • When you are ready with the poll options, tap on send icon.
  • You can click on the View Votes option to see the responses from different members.

Note: You can click on your vote again to remove your vote.

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That’s it! You have successfully created your first poll on WhatsApp! Here are my screenshots in regard to what I have just created alongside this article.


After receiving a steady stream of requests, users demanded that the messaging app had to comply. I believe this new feature was much needed to avoid third parties. We have realized there is no end period so far, the poll seems to run forever until everyone has voted. Do let us know what you think of this new feature as we are also still experimenting with it. We have

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