How to Unlink you PayPal account from your M-PESA

PayPal is the premier solution for people looking for an easy, international mode of payment. The service is available across various regions worldwide and allows people to get paid with ease, regardless of geographical boundaries.

This service forms the backbone of the online freelance craze that has taken off among the youth over the past couple of years. A web developer in Africa can have clients all across Europe and get paid with ease using PayPal. Thereafter, they can withdraw their funds through a few available methods.

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All in all, PayPal is an invaluable tool for anyone doing business online, any freelancer, or a cross-border business person. However, there are inherent issues with the platform, some of which have resulted in many people getting their accounts limited or terminated by PayPal altogether.

As a result, many people have opted to cut ties with the platform in search of better services and customer service from the alternatives. We already talked about how to delete your PayPal account in an earlier post.

Today, we go a step further, to figure out how to unlink your M-PESA number from PayPal.

How to Unlink M-PESA from PayPal

Should you want to sign up for PayPal later on, you will need to re-enlist your M-PESA number for service with PayPal. That means you will need to have removed your M-PESA number from their systems and in this post, we show you how to.

  • Head on to the Contact Us page on the PayPal to Mobile Money website

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Request Sent to PayPal.

You should soon receive an email notification from Thunes with a status update on your request. Should there not be any issues, this process is as good as done at this stage. That said, I have run into issues where the notification mail notes that they don’t have a record of my number.

I have tried to escalate the issue and should be sailing in the same boat as I am, be sure to tell us your experience in the comments section below.

Despite the lack of meaningful support from PayPal to Kenyans and Africans for that matter, it remains a solid choice for anyone looking for an online solution but it is far from the only available option.


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