The Ultimate Guide on How to Create a Rocket Health Wallet

Rocket Health Wallet

Healthcare costs can be a significant burden on individuals and families, especially in countries with limited access to affordable healthcare. In Uganda, less than 1% of the entire population has access to health insurance making the cost of healthcare a daunting challenge. However, a new solution has emerged to help alleviate this burden: the Rocket Health Wallet.

Rocket Health, a Healthtech Startup in Uganda has unveiled this innovative tool to help individuals save for healthcare services and manage their healthcare expenses. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Rocket Health Wallet, including how it works, its benefits, and how it fits into Rocket Health Uganda’s overall mission to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all.

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Rocket Health Wallet is a digital financial tool that is specifically tailored to enable individuals to save funds for their healthcare expenses. To open a Rocket Health Wallet account, individuals may simply dial *280*6# on their phone dial pad and make a deposit into their account. All you need for now is your phone number to create a wallet and the minimum deposit is UGX 5000. Additionally, the Wallet can be conveniently managed through the same USSD shortcode.

Benefits of the Wallet

The Rocket Health Wallet offers several benefits to individuals and families. Firstly, it allows users to save money specifically for healthcare expenses, ensuring that they have funds set aside for medical emergencies or routine check-ups.

Secondly, the wallet can be used to pay for healthcare services at any Rocket Health Clinic or any of the online services including Teleconsultation, eliminating the need for cash transactions or dealing with insurance providers.

Finally, the wallet offers a way to track healthcare expenses and add beneficiaries to your wallet making it easier to manage healthcare costs and avoid unexpected bills.

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How the Rocket Health Wallet Works

Here are the top six things you need to know about the Rocket Health Wallet before you sign up.

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  1. Rocket Health provides an eight-digit code upon wallet creation, known as the Rocket Health ID, to help manage your account with ease. Make sure you can remember your Rocket Health ID and keep it safe.
  2. The Rocket Health ID is required to top up your account, manage transactions(see wallet balance and more), and create a PIN for your wallet.
  3. Rocket Health offers group wallets for small businesses or companies with the ability to set limits on individual spending based on either a fixed rate or a percentage of the total amount available.
  4. Individual wallet holders can conveniently initiate and order healthcare services for anyone by using their wallet account. They can attach beneficiaries to their wallet and set spending limits, providing them with greater control over their healthcare spending.
  5. Parents can easily add their children or loved ones who require medical care, such as grandparents or family members with chronic care needs, to their wallet account. This makes it easier to manage healthcare expenses and ensures that loved ones get the care they need.
  6. The service is highly secure, with advanced measures in place to protect user data and privacy.

The process of topping up funds to the Wallet can be conveniently accomplished through the utilization of mobile money services such as MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money. This can be achieved by dialing the USSD shortcode *280*6*2#.

Once customers have successfully added funds to their wallet, they can use it to pay for services at any Rocket Health Clinic in Kyetume Gayaza, or through the online pharmacy platform at To place an order, customers can either call the toll-free number 0800277015 or send a WhatsApp message to 0700100700. Rocket Health’s customer service representatives are available to assist with any inquiries and help customers complete their orders.

Presently, the company offers various discounts to its clients when they utilize the wallet in a bid to help them save on their healthcare expenses. Notably, individuals are entitled to free delivery for their Pharmacy orders, and a supplementary sum of UGX 5000 is granted to new wallet holders.

Rocket Health’s platform provides access to a wide range of healthcare services, including telemedicine, medication delivery, chronic care management, and diagnostic tests, allowing wallet holders to take charge of their healthcare needs from the comfort of their homes.

Healthcare savings can help individuals and families prepare for unexpected medical expenses and avoid going into debt to pay for healthcare. By providing an easy-to-use savings platform and discounted rates on healthcare services. The wallet is a game-changer for individuals in Uganda who struggle to afford healthcare expenses.

The wallet is just one aspect of Rocket Health Uganda’s mission to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all. Have you tried out the Rocket Health Wallet already? Share with us in the comment section your thoughts about the service and if you would recommend it to your friends and colleagues.


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