How to Return a Kindle Book: A Step-by-Step Guide

return kindle book

With your Kindle Unlimited account, you have access to a vast library of books with different titles and categories. However, like book shopping, some purchases might just be a mistake – especially if you have children who have access to your account. 

Fortunately, Amazon has designed a way where you can return certain books and even get a full refund for them. In this post, we’ll share what the return policy is and how you can return both borrowed and purchased kindle books on Amazon

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What is Amazon’s Return Policy for Kindle Books?

Before trying to return a book on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, you need to have met certain eligibility criteria. In Amazon’s policy, you can only return a book when;

  • You’ve read less than 10% of the book
  • Bought the book within 7 days for paid books
  • You have not downloaded the book on any device
  • Returned less than 4 books in a month

This is because many readers take advantage of this option to the detriment of authors who will have to pay a restocking fee each time a book is returned. So we recommend using this feature only when it’s absolutely necessary, especially for purchased books.

How to Return Borrowed Books from Kindle Unlimited

Because Kindle Unlimited has a limit of 20 book titles for your library, it means you’d have to return certain books to be able to add new ones. This is why you see the ‘borrowed’ tag under most books in your Kindle library. To return a borrowed book from Kindle Unlimited, here’s what to do;

Log in to your Amazon Account

  • On the top right of your screen and tap on ‘Accounts & Lists’
  • Scroll under ‘Digital content and devices’, and tap on ‘Manage Content & Devices’manage content and devices
  • Tap on Books
  • Scroll to the book you’d want to return and tap on ‘Return this book’return kindle book
  • Confirm the return
    confirm kindle book return

And that’s how to return a borrowed title. You can always borrow a returned book whenever you need to read it again. If the title still appears on your device even after you’ve returned it, simply tap on ‘remove from device’ and you won’t see it again.

Return Purchased Books

If you purchased a book from Amazon within seven days, you are eligible for a return. This means you can return this book and get a refund for it. So whether it was an accidental purchase, you don’t like the content, or for any other reason, here’s how to return a book you’ve purchased on Amazon Kindle Books.

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  • Log into your Amazon account
  • Scroll to the top right of your screen and tap on ‘Accounts & Lists’
  • Tap on ‘My Orders’
    my amazon orders
  • Under here, tap on ‘Digital Orders’
  • Scroll to the book you’d like to return and tap on ‘Return for Refund’
  • From the drop-down, select why you’re requesting for a refund
  • Confirm the refund summary and submit.

You should get a refund once it’s been processed between 3-5 business days. 

Why Can’t I Return a Book on Amazon Kindle? 

There’s a chance you won’t see the return book option when you get to your digital content or orders. If this happens to you, it simply means that you have returned a high number of books from your account. For purchased books, the self-service refund option won’t be available if you’ve partially read it. If you still absolutely need to return a book, you’d need to contact Amazon’s service support.

So we recommend being careful, especially so that you can avoid accidental purchases. If you share a Kindle account with your household, you might need to set up parental controls to prevent accidental purchases from other members too.

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