Startimes Uganda channels list, decoder prices and packages: Digital TV for everyone (else)

Chinese media company, Startimes opened shop in Uganda ahead of the digital TV migration deadline. The company came to kick multichoice right on the butt with satellite services, super cheap decoders and a variety of packages to choose from.

The company has content for not just Ugandans but other nationals such as the Indian and Chinese community. On its satellite service dubbed StarSat, Startimes has StarSat Indian package going for a price of UGX 25,000 and StarSat Chinese for a price of UGX 40,000.

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Even though it started with terrestrial digital TV where it famously touted its service as one that doesn’t require a dish, the company later on adopted satellite services branded as StarSat.

Now lets look at Startimes Uganda packages and prices.

Startimes Uganda StarSat Satellite packages and prices (Dish and decoder needed)

  • StarSat Special (40+ channels) for UGX 25,000
  • StarSat Smart (60+ channels) for UGX 50,000
  • StarSat Super(75+ Channels) for UGX 75,000
  • StarSat Indian for UGX 25,000 and
  • StarSat Chinese for UGX 40,000

Startimes Uganda StarSat channel list

Startimes Uganda Terrestrial packages and prices(No dish required)

  • Nova (local + 10 international channels) for UGX 6,000
  • Basic (33 channels) for UGX 16,500
  • Classic (52 channels) for UGX 33,000
  • Unique(67 Channels) for UGX 49,500
Startimes Uganda bouquets and prices 2015
BouquetSubscription (in Ugx)ChannelsDuration
Nova6,000/-Local channels + 10 international channels7 months
Basic16,500/-402.5 months
Classic33,000/-615 weeks
Unique49,5007425 days

Startimes Uganda channel list

Startimes Uganda Decoder prices

Startimes has really affordable decoders.  For terrestrial package that doesn’t require a dish, you pay UGX 85, 000. It comes with one month of classic package. For those interested in satellite version, the satellite dish and decoder go to UGX 155,000.

Pay TV providers are running out of time, now that the digital TV Migration deadline is less than 5 months away. Startimes recently introduced a decoder that costs only UGX 8,000.

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15 thoughts on “Startimes Uganda channels list, decoder prices and packages: Digital TV for everyone (else)

  1. Just wanted to know what is happening to star times pay TV. Are you telecasting to night or you are off air due to some technical challenges. Even after paying the subscription fee, the response is either no signal, no service, not subscribed, the transmission is on and off for some weeks, or are we also supposed to purchase the digital migration decoder? What is happening?

  2. I paid shs 16,500 for basic for my decorder subscition and i got a reply that is has been increased is that so?

  3. when i subscribe for nova, ever give me basic like for a week then disconnect me again. what shld i do to get only nova package like when i paid 8k.

  4. Why is it that my decorder says the card has a problem after every about 8hours of watching. But this time it has been off for three days,what would the problem be

  5. My decoder shows me this notification, ( SIGNAL IN PUT OUT OF RANGE) yet its showing normal pictures behind but with the notification not getting off . and also some channels especially local channels dont display thought they are on the menu list

  6. My decoder does not have other channels like Miracle Tv, Bukedde 1, so what should i do

  7. my son subscribed on phone for 2000 basic but got a massage to pay 6000/= for a week what becomes of the cash remitted?

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