Here’s how to recharge Vodafone Uganda Data with MTN Mobile Money

Vodafone Uganda just partnered with MTN Uganda to offer payment option for its data service on the latter’s mobile money platform. Vodafone offers both caped and unlimited data plans with great internet devices to go with.

You can buy 50MB for Ugx 1,000. 200MB for one week at Ugx 5,900, 2GB monthly at UGX49,900. But if you want unlimited internet, then you can pay Ugx 17,900 for one full day or Ugx 149,000 for one month.

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How it works

Go to the MTN Mobile Money menu on your phone, select “Pay bill” -> Pay Goods and Services -> Enter code: VODAFONE -> Enter the recharge amount (xxxxx). Press “OK”.

Enter your 5 digit MTN Mobile Money PIN. The transaction is done.You will receive an email from Vodafone comfirming the transaction and airtime value credited.

Vodafone also supports payments on Payway’s web payment platform, in addition to Mobile Money and its offline stores.

Image: Vodafone Uganda Facebook page