online payment services in Uganda: Tap and click to pay for goods and services

There are lots of things you could pay for using your mobile phone. That’s especially true if you have a mobile money account or you’ve an account with any of these traditional banks that have mobile banking options.

But if you want to pay for goods and services using your mouse and keyboard, or a friend/family from the diaspora want to foot your bill, then you’ve to look for alternatives. Online payment services in Uganda is still pretty nascent at this point. But Payment service providers such as Payway and Pesapal aren’t afraid to test the online waters.

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You can pay for you DStv subscription using which is an online platform developed by Pesapal. The website currently only supports Visa, Mastercard and Airtel money right now. They also have a mobile App in case you want to pay or check your DSTV Uganda balance.

If you’re not interested in simply paying for DStv, then you have to look at You’ve probably already seen Payway Kiosks offline or even paid for your Umeme bill using one of their agents. Now the payment service provider has transformed their Payment kiosks into an online experience. With the web kiosk, you can get Airtime, for utilities, internet, pay TV. The platform currently supports Visa and Mastercard. The experience isn’t that as smooth as the offline one.

Anyway that’s all we could find. If you know of any other providers that offer online payments in Uganda, don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments.



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  1. I’ve looked at Malipo Africa but I don’t understand how it works exactly. Perhaps you could look into them and break it down

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