Umeme App Review: Here is a breakdown of what the Umeme App can and cannot do

Umeme Uganda finally has an app. This was clearly long overdue, but as they say, better late than never. I must credit Umeme for giving the contract to a Ugandan Startup/Software firm to develop the app other than the usual “get some overrated Silicon valley kid” pay him obscene amounts to do it because he is from the US. We took the liberty to check out the app and here is what we found. You can download the app and test it for yourself.


The Android app is light and simple to use. Could have been better in terms of visual appeal but I guess form follows function. Chances are that the app is compatible with most versions of Android. We found navigation very easy and that was key since it makes sure you do not get lost or that you can get whatever you are looking for with ease.

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There is no iOS version yet, probably because the number of Umeme customers using iPhones versus the cost might not make sense but it’s Umeme they can afford. So, we expect an iOS version too.  We loved a couple of things about the app and didn’t like others as we show you below.

Umeme App 1

What can I do with the Umeme App?

  1. Change Language (English, Luganda and Runyakitara)
  2. Check Account balance (prepaid, postpaid)
  3. Make a payment (Fires Up USSD)
  4. Access to Shutdown schedule
  5. Access Service Centre Location info
  6. Access tips, tutorials, tricks, news, Tariff Structures etc (Unfortunately some of this redirects to the website)
  7. Contact Umeme in App with chat functionality

What we liked

  • Light, Easy to sign up for and use
  • Easy navigation
  • Knowing your account balance/bill/statement without calling Customer care
  • Accessing the Power Shutdown schedule and knowing when power will be off in your area
  • Knowing where Umeme service centres are
  • Contacting Umeme in App

Umeme App 2

What we didn’t like

  • No support for in app payments as selecting payments just prompts a USSD command. We expect an iteration to make this possible because we were paying for Umeme without this app before. We have multiple apps and platforms like MyMTN App, Payway among others
  • Attempts to access some information prompt you to go to the Umeme site. Most of this info could have been put in the app. We also expect that Umeme will load all this info to be accessed in app other than out of the app.

Download the Umeme App

Image: JK Forum

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  1. The windows version on the windows store too. I guess this means the iOS version will be coming out soon as well.

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