Ugandan Android Apps: Here are 7 must have Apps for every smartphone in Uganda

Ugandan Android Apps

We published a list of over 160 Ugandan Android Apps from the Google Play Store; examining each app and what need it solves.

We looked at Apps that every Ugandan smartphone should have or would need and these are the apps that we found to be most useful. Now we know we all have different needs and this is a bit general but it’s best shot at what Ugandan Apps most people would need.

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MTN UG Assistant

Despite the fact that this app is for only MTN customers, it is a life saver. With this app, you never have to memorise all those USSD codes for all the different services you need. The app does all that for you. All you need to do is tap on the service you need and it does the rest.
Download MTN UG Assistant


This is Matatu, Uganda’s most popular Android Game that has the most downloads for any Ugandan game. It’s fun, intuitive and will keep you entertained. It seems Matatu will finally replace Microsoft’s solitaire since you can carry it with you anywhere.
Download Matatu

My MTN /Airtel Money

We all (or at least most us) use Mobile Money. After a while, the USSD gets to you (If it hasn’t, it soon will). That is where these two apps come in. The My MTN and Airtel Money app make using Mobile Money very easy and convenient. It’s a must have app for any smartphone in Uganda.
Download Airtel Money App
Download My MTN App


Online shopping is a big deal now. We no longer have to canvass the streets looking for items to buy. Most of that stuff big or small is available to buy online with even free delivery (In certain circumstances) thanks to Jumia, Kaymu and OLX. Whether you are looking for household item, electronics, fashion accessories, a car or even land, these big three help you get that and even more.
Download Jumia KaymuOLX


I must confess that I do not use Hellofood everyday but there are days when I badly needed to order food and it came in handy. Of course I could have used the website instead of the app but when you are on the move, the app comes in handy. So whenever you are craving that dish from your favorite restaurant, remember it’s just a few taps away.
Download Hellofood

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When you want to catch up with your favorite soap or TV program or even news, you can always live stream or watch it whenever you want to. These two apps mostly enjoyed by Ugandans in the diaspora for their local content ,make our list especially because the nature of life has been disrupted in such a way that many may not always get the time to sit in front of the telly. They are easy to use and have done a good job in curating local content.
Download NBS TV AppNTV Mobi

The Uganda Constitution

As a law abiding and productive Ugandan citizens, it’s important that we know our rights as well as our responsibilities. We do not have to buy a hard copy Constitution from Aristoc to know the law anymore. We can always have it on our phone and make reference whenever we need to. We consider this a must have app for all smartphone owners.
Download the Uganda Constitution

Did we miss any apps? please let us know in the comments.


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