Here’s where and how to buy your 2016 CMS Africa Summit tickets

With only 13 days left, the countdown to the 2016 CMS Africa Summit is on. The popular tech event is happening in Uganda on the 1st and and 2nd April 2016. With 30 speakers and 40 sessions over 2 days, the summit has power packed list of of industry leading speakers from Uganda and across the world. The Summit will also have a 48hr hackathon for all developers and coders.

2016 CMS Africa Summit Tickets

Tickets are going for Ugx 60,000 at HiveColab and Outbox. If you cannot got to Hive or Outbox, you can register for the event and you will be contacted on how to get your ticket via Mobile Money. You can also call this number for inquiries.

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Who is Invited/Who is CMS Africa Summit for?

Among the many people who love CMS Africa summit, here are some who find it a must attend event. Web Developers, Bloggers, Web Hosting Companies, E-marketers, Online Sellers, E-commerce professionals, Internet Service Providers, Internet start-ups, Web Administrators, Open Source Organisations, Mobile bankers, E-bankers, University Students among others. So if you fall in any of these categories, get ready for it.

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Why attend 2016 CMS Africa Summit

Come attend eye-opening workshops, get strategies for your business and network with creative minds and professionals in the industry. At the summit, you will be treated to;

Two full days. One day is never enough for the awesomeness happens at CMS Africa summit. So the summit will take you through two full days of coveted industry talks and workshops. Disrupting old ideas and enforcing new ones while taking you through what moves the IT world.

48 hours Hackathon. Are you a coder? Well, 50 Hackers will be burning the daylight rays and midnight oil as they race against time to develop the sleekest, disruptive, and most commercial viable app. Join them, be counted where great minds converge.

30 Speakers. The summit has put together the most versatile speakers we’ve ever landed; They’re not just highly regarded. They run their own companies. They know about business. They understand concepts. They drive the world economy.

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40 Sessions. We’re covering Disruption, e-commerce, Leadership, Marketing, Mobile, Social, Startups, Tech, UX. This is exciting, is it not? You cannot be left out.

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