DusuPay wants to be your global payment gateway


Let’s face it. Payment gateways are fragmented. They are confusing. And they are broken.

It’s usually something like this: when you want to make an online payment you either have to use PayPal or one of the several debit cards. But when you want to pay for a local product back home, you may have to use mobile money or cold hard cash. But wait, for business people who want to transact business with China. They have to go through tedious bank wire procedures. And in all of these processes, there are irrational decisions made, loss of time and money.

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It’s overwhelming.

And DusuPay promises something different. They want to be the gateway for payments both online and offline. And they want to link merchants and retailers and customers to major payments’ processors — all in a single click.

We caught up with the CEO of DusuPay Kenneth Ntende to break down for us what their product does and what it seeks to attain.

What does DusuPay do?

DusuPay enables businesses accept cashless payments from cards, Mobile money wallets, online banking and many other alternatives of payment. We work with global businesses and startups to enable them accept cashless payments from all credit/debit cards, Mobile money, MPESA and online banking.

DusuPay is active in over 125 countries in Africa, Europe, America and Asia. And it supports over 115 payment methods.

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How does it work?

DusuPay works with retailers, merchants and customers to several ways.

For merchants it gives them the platform to accept payments from different payment options from different retailers and customers.

For retailers such as those in supermarkets or airtime selling stalls and other point of sale services, it gives them the platform of accepting payments. They have “Dusupay Here” product used by retailers to enable them accept payments even where there is no active internet connection.

For customers it gives them a single platform from where to make payments. For example on e-commerce websites using the service. There is a “Pay with DusuPay” button where a customer is presented with the various options they can choose from to pay securely.

In how many countries does DusuPay actively operate in?

They are over 125 countries. In Africa, they cover major countries. Their services extend beyond the African continent. They are operational in the UK, Europe, U.S, Brazil, America and China, Asia.


The fintech startup was founded in April 2015 and boasts of tens of thousands of customers, and pounds in revenue. From a quick look of things the future is bullish. Payments are betting disrupted on step at a time.

Image: DusuPay

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