Free VPN integrated in Opera browser


Opera is the first major browser to integrate a free VPN for reasons to do with online security and privacy.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a secure protocol that allows one to browse safely on compromised networks (or public wi-fi) or used to access blocked websites.

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For the past recent months, security on the internet has been such a hot topic. That’s why messaging apps like Telegram have grown much popular. A few weeks ago WhatsApp announced that it had enabled end-to-end encryption for one billion users. And with Opera now bundling a free VPN, only shows that hardening security on the internet is just getting started.

With this new addition to Opera, it means there will be no need to download third party VPN apps and extensions for one to continue with their web browsing. Prior to that addition, Opera integrated a native Ad-blocker to block millions of Ads that continue to make the web such a cesspool.

The growing clampdown on dissent on social media and the internet at large has sent many users to look for secure and alternative methods of browsing the web which Opera dutifully does in its latest version.

However, as we reported earlier, Opera was sold to a Chinese corporation. This definitely rings of suspicion given China’s highhandedness especially when dealing with the internet.

Please download it from here.


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